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Apr 22 2018

CTL Special Episode with Katie Duckett

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I am so excited to be announcing that we are re-opening The Lovely Homeschool Course this Wednesday, April 25, 2018! And in this episode Katie Duckett (who you might remember from last year’s episode on Relationally Driven Homechooling) and I discuss how the planning method and tools offered in The Lovely Homeschool Course truly revolutionized her homeschool experience over the last year.

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Launch Day Extravaganza!

Be sure not to miss out on our outstanding lunch day prices! The course will open at 6:30am PST for just $5.99 and then increase by $1 every hour afterward until it caps off at our week-long sale price of $19.99! The course is normally $24.99, so you really don’t want to miss out on this chance!

Win a FREE Course!

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You can also join me for a LIVE Q&A about the course on our Bold Turquoise Facebook Page and snag a chance to win a free course on Tuesday, April 24th at 3:30pm PST!

Become an Affiliate!

If you would like the chance to earn a little extra dough on the side, then I would encourage you to become an Affiliate! All affiliates earn a 40% commission, receive the course for free once they have sold 5 courses, and get a chance to win prizes as the highest seller!

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