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Aug 6 2012

Curriculum Choices 2012-2013 (1st & PK3)

In the midst of the past CRAZY year, I gave a LOT of thought to our curriculum choices for the upcoming year- it seemed to be the only thing I had some sort of control over… something I could plan. Last year I put together a very eclectic curriculum, which is a pretty hard not to do when you are a blogger and constantly surrounded by the plethora of choices available to homeschoolers these days. I really liked feeling like I was customizing what we would be studying to what I thought would work best for Roman- some of it worked, some of it didn't. Ok, a LOT of it didn't. Our year fairly quickly got paired down to bare minimums that he could sort of stand sitting through. The fun was gone and much of it became grueling for both of us.

This year I wanted to go in a completely different direction. So, way back in February, I began reevaluating what it was we were looking for in a curriculum. Here are the priorities I came up with:

  • Something that provided a very centered focus on the Bible
  • Something that tied in many of Charlotte Mason's principles, including lots of nature study (since, ya know, we live on a farm now!), music and art (areas that Roman naturally excels in)
  • Something that was very holistic- tying lots of subjects together to form an overall picture
  • Something that was very hands on
  • Something with a very reasonable hours-per-day expectation (I'm working with a short, scattered, boy attention span here!)
  • Something I could fairly easily tie a 3-year-old preschooler into

Once I had these basics that I knew I was looking for I started reevaluating nearly every curriculum and method I had ever looked at or considered. I didn't know if I would go eclectic or not, so I just started re-reading about everything! And praying- I did a lot of that too! After I completed my research and made all my notes I finally firmly landed on My Father's World First Grade. In addition to all the aspects I was looking for above, it was also an all-in-one curriculum which, while I have resisted the idea, seemed to make sense since I knew we would not only still be settling into our new home but we would also be creating a whole new normal with an additional little person in our family!

My choice was even more solidified when an online acquaintance offered to send me her copy of the first grade basic package for FREE! I had no idea at the time how badly we would need to be able to receive the bulk of our resources for no charge. God was completely providing for us in this! We still have about half of our resources to still purchase since the curriculum requires some consumable books/pages and we plan to do the expanded version which includes more art and music, but it is still such a help to have received the core so generously! Thank you Jada!!

So, I suppose it is pretty straight forward. I don't have a bunch of exciting, different ideas to bring to you, just a boxed curriculum that I think will be best for our family this year. My intention is to bring Judah along side Roman in as many ways as I can and create activities for him that are at his level but follow the same themes Roman will be studying, since he will be working through the whole Bible this year as our foundation.

I also want to be more diligent this year about featuring here what each of them are working on, and hopefully sharing some organizational and practical ideas in the process, even if I'm not sharing some brand-spanking new curriculum. We may add things in throughout the year, depending on how things progress, we'll just have to see. If I do change anything, I'll be sure to post those here!

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2 thoughts on “Curriculum Choices 2012-2013 (1st & PK3)

  1. Victoria

    We love using My Father’s World! I never used the 1st grade curric, but wish I had. We started with Adventures, and had a lot of fun. We’ve been with this company ever since and are going into “Rome to the Reformation” this year.


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