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Nov 27 2017

My Favorite Cyber Monday Deals!

I wanted to compile a few of my favorite Cyber Monday deals into one list to make them easy for all you lovely ladies to find! So, here goes-

(Affiliate links included)

 Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

1. Plan to Eat! If you want a simple way to make your meal planning easier but you still want to use your own recipes, Plan to Eat is the website for you! Easily import all your own recipes, repeat menus to make things super simple, automatically create itemized shopping lists, add preparation instructions to your calendar- it’s just awesome!


2. The Handmade with Love Super Bundle– One thing that has been so therapeutic to me during the very stressful season that I am in has been crafting and art. There is just something about making something with your hands that does good things for the soul, and if you can make those things for other people, all the better. This bundle has wonderful patterns and tutorials for so many different crafts, from crochet, to embroidery, to knitting to quilting and more! These aren’t your grandma’s patterns!

3. Kindle Fire HD– My kids all got one of these last year for Christmas and they have been great! I love that the parental controls allow me to set the amount of time and when they can be on them, and Kindle Freetime gives them lots of age appropriate games to play.

4. Sonicare Airfloss– These things are the best! They really do the job and this is a great price on them, plus $10 off. (Amazon has a TON of great deals, you can use these links to pass credit on to CTL for anything you buy from Amazon! And we so appreciate it!)


Black Friday 2017

5. Grammar Galaxy– We have LOVED using this grammar curriculum this year! It really captivates the kids and the story-driven approach drives the concepts home. You can get 25% off this curriculum through the end of the day with code BLACKFRI2017.

6. Is Genesis History- I mention this documentary specifically because it is fantastic and my boys and I thoroughly enjoyed it last year, but really everything that Compass Classroom puts out is wonderful!

Obviously, there are a ton of other deals out there right now that are awesome, these just happen to be some of my favorites! What are some of your favorites this year?

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