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Apr 23 2014

Delighting in Them- Summer plans changed from the heart

Our days are busy. The house is messy. I'm seemingly always behind… and in my bathrobe.

I easily get short. Snappy. Frustrated.

Much… too… easily.

But then I was listening to a podcast by Hal and Melanie Young earlier this week (you know how I love me a good podcast!) and something Melanie said really struck a chord with me. She said that when you look at families whose teenagers and grown kids actually like their parents and enjoy spending time with them you typically find one common thread- the parents delight in them and delight in their marriage.


That hit me heavy! Yes, I am typically pretty good at greeting them cheerily in the morning, but what about throughout the rest of the day when they come to me with their needs, or even just to show me something they have invented? When I am busy and frustrated and my energy is fading? When they throw fits and destroy things and are up past their bedtimes? Am I actively showing them that I delight in them- who they are and what they accomplish? Am I showing them that I like them and enjoy their presence?

I think that too often I am not doing this. That the attitude I am displaying without thinking is shaping them to have equally bad attitudes and then I blame them when they misbehave in like. That's not right mama, it's just not right!

And I am convicted.

And I am reminded of something I heard at a Women's Retreat recently- we always have a choice. Even if it is just a split second given to choose, we always have some kind of choice, whether we like our options or not. I need to make better choices. I need to show my kids the fruit of being in close relationship with Jesus so that they can model after me- the one God put in their life to show them. The weight of that is huge but oh so meaningful!

Where do we go from here?

These are crazy times we are living in. Prophecy and blood moons and natural disasters and economic collapse- they are all picking up steam. The days may be very short my friends, and if they are then what really matters about everything that I am doing? What matters is that these little people know Jesus. That they live and breathe the saving grace of The King. And what if He should tarry and not come back so soon? Don't I still want Him to be our life blood, the one defining our purpose in ever more difficult times. Yes. YES! I want that for me and I want that for them!

And so, as I have prayed about what our summer will look like and our schooling next year, I have dramatically altered what we will be doing from what I had originally intended. I had planned to conquer an entire science unit this summer, filling our days with botany lapbooking, exploring and experiments. Next year was going to start out with some general geography studies, followed by the Pilgrims and Jesus's birth followed up by Early History and Genesis in the winter and spring.

Not now.

A post on delighting in your children and teaching them what matters

Now we will be focusing on Him and His Word and the character He wants us to have. Our days will be filled with learning to love on each other better and defining who we are as a family- what we stand for and why. Our days will be focused on grace and fruit from above. Our days will be spent learning to serve one another, because these are the things that matter.

Yes, I will still be sneaking in some short daily math review and we will be reading for both fun and practice (which I will save the details of for another post), but the core of our summer will be focused on becoming a family who honors Jesus and knows why.

Because in the end, that's ALL that matters.


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9 thoughts on “Delighting in Them- Summer plans changed from the heart

  1. Allison

    I love this!! That totally convicts me too, and I am going to write a (probably very similar!) goal for our summer now too. Thank you!

  2. Carrie

    Great post MacKenzie! You put into words what has been on my heart lately. The weight of my responsibility as a mom to bring up my kiddos to follow Christ has been hitting me hard lately. Thank you for sharing :)

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      I’m glad I’m not the only one! Thank you for commenting and sharing your heart with me as well!

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  4. Tara

    This is what I am hoping for too – honestly the main reason we decided to homeschool two years ago. There are days where my girls (8 & almost 4) are playing so well with each other and I need to interrupt to take away the 8 year old for her math lesson….but instead give them longer to play because strengthening their relationship was one of our reasons for homeschooling. In that moment I remind myself that they ARE doing homeschool – *our* version of what we decided would be part of our curriculum. :) But math still has to get done. :)
    Ultimately, I want Jesus to be the center of everything we do…however, I don’t feel I’ve been on target most of the time. As much as I want this to be our focus, I am not sure what it looks like in the day-to-day, how it gets lived out; how to make Jesus and loving others part of math or geography, you know?
    I know it will be different for every family, but I’d love to know what you will be *doing* to live out this goal/intention over the summer. I want to use our time wisely and make the most of every minute we’re blessed with, but don’t want to fill it with busyness either! Thanks!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Hi Tara! I am so glad you asked, and yes, I will be going into more detail about what we are using and how it looks in our family! In fact, just today I reviewed one of the programs that we have been using! You should go check out the (admittedly bad!) video on the blog!


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