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Jan 7 2013

“Desperate” – the book every mom needs to read

Where do I begin with this book- Desperate by Sally Clarkson and Sarah Mae? I just read the final words in this heartfelt, soul connecting volume and I am choking back tears. Tears from the honest reminder that God so loves me, for real, and my kids too. Tears from the awe I have at His design for this whole motherhood deal- how it shapes us mothers into better followers and lovers of Him, if we let it. Tears that someone else truly gets my life! So many pages sounded as though these ladies had been watching me, narrating my days and then they poured forth so much graceful wisdom and knowledge for how to help me reshape them. I feel bathed in a pool of grace and love.

This book will be used by God in powerful ways to change a generation of desperate mothers. It stirs your soul to be the maker of goodness and beauty and change for your family. Instead of formulas and guilt over having failed a thousand times, Sally and Sarah Mae offer ideas and grace for this journey. This book will fill you up and cause you to run to Jesus!

I feel changed by these words and I know it is only beginning. I had thought that reading this book with a group of ladies would be fun, but now I feel that it is imperative. And not just with friends online (who I love dearly) but with other ladies in the flesh who can be there for me and I can be there for them. This book isn't just about how to be a better solitary mom, it's about how to build a better motherhood community so we don't have to tackle this God-given work alone- He never intended it that way. It's about old moms coming alongside younger moms, encouraging, helping and teaching them. This book is for every mom- with young kids or old!

Really, I'm just skimming the surface. Beyond the wisdom the actual writing is just pure loveliness. I found my self reading and rereading line after line. Sally and Sarah Mae are skilled craftswomen who wield their pens with beauty in expert fashion. My book is a mass of pink pen, notes in margins, underlines, dogears and tabs- and that is just on the first read through. Plus the book has study guides throughout so it is perfect to use in a small group AND links to videos with Sally and Sarah Mae are posted at the end of each chapter.

Besides all that they have to offer within the actual pages of Desperate, the website is packed with goodness too! There are all kinds of tools to use, like a small group guide and a No More Desperate Moms Resolution. Their are badges for your blog, links and tweets and just so much stuff! Check it out!

If you would like more of a break down of what the book is about and you would rather get involved in an online study, then I highly recommend checking out the review by Granola Mom 4 God. She also has a great little freebie journal to download to go with the book!

Oh, and did I mention the giveaways this week?! They're, um… HUGE!! Each day they are giving away something different (today is a YEAR of free house cleaning! Can I get a what-what?! You can enter on either Sally's or Sarah Mae's blogs) and all through the week you can enter for the grand prize. Get this- it's an all expense paid trip for two to spend a weekend with Sarah Mae and Sally in Colorado! You get to hang out at Sally's house, stay in a nice hotel, oh, and get your choice of two spa treatments at the Broodmore Hotel! The fiber of my very being longs for this trip! I want it so bad I can taste… so I really have no idea why I'm telling you about it because I don't really want more competition entries… but I'm telling you anyway! So…. take me if you win!!

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