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Nov 13 2011

Dreams do come true!

I honestly cannot believe that I am writing you this post right now. Shock doesn’t even begin to describe what The Carpenter and I have been overcome by all this week.


Sorry, let me compose myself.

Ok, ya know that one I told you about a few weeks back? The one that would take miracle upon miracle to make ours? To my astonishment (because He has said “No” so many times before), He is doing miracles- right before our eyes!

Let me back up a bit though. Let’s go back to a few weeks ago when we first fell in love. At that time the house had been on the market for about 10 days and another interested buyer had already put in an offer that had been turned down. We inquired if the seller would be willing to have a long closing (sometime in early spring) but they said no. So, we kept hoping and watching.

Then things shifted. Sadly, the owner passed away (which was expected), and the family said they would not be considering offers for a number of weeks. We also heard, however, that the people who had made the first offer had made a second one as well. We decided that we need to make an offer also, despite all of our contingencies, just to make sure that the sellers took pause and didn’t just accept the other offer because it was the only one there. We wrote up what we believed to be a solid offer, wrote a letter that included our hopes and dreams for the property, prayed and submitted it. That same day we were told that the family was having a discrepancy about the executer on the land and would not be able to sell until spring, but we entered the offer anyway. We didn’t expect to hear back for many weeks, if we heard back at all.

It was about three days later that our realtor was actually able to meet with the family and present the offer. To our complete astonishment they signed back the offer 20 minutes after he presented to them, raised the price by $5,000 (which was actually the original price we were going to offer) AND included all the farm equipment! We were (and still are) in complete shock! They specified a closing date of April 15, 2012, which is perfect for us and gives us ample time to get everything ready! Sigh… God rocks my socks off!

So, that evening I announced on Facebook that the offer was accepted. Out of the blue, the next morning, a friend of mine from co-op asked how much we were going to be selling our house for. By noon her husband was already pursuing financing and they hadn’t even see the house yet! They have since met with their bank, come and seen the house and are going to be talking with another lender on Tuesday! If this really does work out… If they actually do love our house… If they actually are able to purchase it… I might die of shock! I mean, this would be such a HUGE thing that the Lord is doing, I just won’t even know what to make of it! The thousands of dollars we would save in realtors fees alone would be SO helpful in securing our financing on the farm, not to mention that if they bought it soon we would have time to be putting money away until April!

Granted, if they or someone else does purchase our house soon it will mean a good many months of transition, but I am just trying to think of it as an adventure! Even if it means living in our 5th wheel trailer through the dead of winter… with 2 little boys…. while homeschooling… it will be worth it for the the reward that will come at the end of that time! Eeeeee! It feels like a dream! Well, not the 5th wheel part, but the final reward! (I did warn The Carpenter, however, that if we do end up having to stay in the 5th wheel I probably won’t be too terribly keen on going camping next summer!).

This past Thursday we were able to take the boys out to see what will be their new home, meet the seller’s family and meet our new sweet little neighbor, Betty, who will live right behind us (she and the previous owner were best friends- you could actually see the well-worn path between their front doors on the Google satellite map!).

So, do you want to see it?

Silly me! OF COURSE you want to see it! 😉

This is the drive up to the house. That field on the right is all ours and the drive is lined with young maple trees. I can’t wait to see them grow over the years…. And I am SO glad that the driveway if flat!

This is where the gate is currently located but we plan to move it out closer to the road and make it open by remote. To the right is the barn that was built in 1985 and is in great condition.

This is the front of the house. We plan to build out an entry where the bay window is now, move the front door over there and add on a porch that goes across the front. Won’t it be sweet? And beautiful adorned with Christmas lights?!

This is where the entry is currently located- right in the dining room/kitchen. Ugh! Although, the dining room is large enough for us to completely open up our table, which will be nice! We also plan on replacing the paneling immediately!

This is the kitchen- very dated but a nice size! When we move in we plan to paint the cabinets off-white, replace the hardware and appliances, do something with the counters, tile a new backsplash and hopefully get a big cool rolling butcherblock cart! Haha! We’ll see! Eventually we want to knock out the left wall and add on a big great room, but that might take some time!

This is the living room. Don’t you love the pink wall? 😉 Eventually, when we add on the great room, we will turn this space into the school room and the front will be walled off for the new entry. Behind the pink wall is the downstairs bath which I don’t have any pictures of, sorry.

This will be the boys room. We will be taking the closets out and moving them by the door so that we can put their bunk beds against that far wall. We will also be ripping off all the lovely paneling and replacing with sheetrock.

This is the second upstairs bedroom that will be used as a school room for now. Maybe, just maybe, we will have a little girl someday and this could be her room! One can only hope!

This is the master bedroom. It is very small but it does have a balcony. When we move in I will have more pictures of this crazy room and the weird bathroom they attached. The bedroom is actually sunken! Someday we hope to push out the wall with the balcony to make both this room and the laundry room below much bigger, but in the meantime I just plan to do some serious wallpaper stripping!

Rhythm & Lion Cub are sooooo excited! They constantly talk about becoming cowboys and want boots, hats and gun holsters for Christmas! Haha!

This is the back of the house, and yes, we will be fixing the odd siding they put on the balcony (aka- doing something else entirely!)

Don’t you love these little Christmas trees behind our house? There are quite a few! I can just picture them, wrapped in lights!

This is the awesome garden! I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and actually grow my family some fresh produce! It looks like there are a few different berry bushes in there and there are also two apple trees on the property.

This is the goofy wood shed (that is FULL of wood!) that I actually kind of love! The carpenter hates it but I think it could be kind of fun to paint a cute color. The galvanized metal speaks to me! 😀

And here is one last picture of the front from the other direction! I love all its character!

Soon I will be holding a vote for all of you to help us make the decision on the name of our little farm (I’m leaning toward Vintage Acres!) and of course you will be seeing all the fun projects and decor ideas I have brewing! I figure I have 5 months to prepare a boatload of awesomeness so we can just get the keys and get right down to business making this little farm home! I hope you will enjoy watching the journey and I hope to include you all in a bit of the process as well!

In the mean time, if you could continuing praying with us I would greatly appreciate it! We still need to sell our house and secure our financing in the coming months- and the quicker it is all done, the better! Thanks for following and patterning with us in prayer!

And, of course, I want to know what you think of our little homestead! Please do share!

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13 thoughts on “Dreams do come true!


    I cannot believe it. I too, have been praying that if this is the home for you…it will be granted.
    I do not want to put a cramp in the dream… So I will just say I will continue to pray all will be
    done according to him. I only know that when I sold my home in Portland and moved to Arizona
    all things fell into place like a glove….Love you all, Grandma Linda.

  2. Samurai Mom

    Congratulations! We got the house that was made for us last spring in a similar manner but unfortunately we never even got an offer on our old house but the Lord did bless us with nearly perfect renters and so all is well.

  3. Lanna

    Oooh, congrats! It does look super cute, and bonus that the neighbor seems lovely already.
    I have a friend that has a kitchen in almost exactly the same setup (she doesn’t have the ‘pantry’ to the right of the fridge), but she can’t put an island in the middle. Too much turning around and having kids underfoot to be able to do it. I do have to say though, the counterspace? Totally rocks for a baking or canning or playdough marathon.


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