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May 30 2014

Easy Green Cleaning- Just what this mama needs!

Whether you are a green cleaning guru or just starting to get your hands wet, Norwex can help simplify AND green up your cleaning routine in no time!  Come checkout the party to see how you can make your life a little bit easier!

Alright, you all know I’m pretty darn crunchy (aka- granola).  Its been a process, as I think most crunchy testimonies are, but I have been making about 90% of our household cleaning products for nearly 8 years now.  While I love and use them I’m always open to a simpler way.  Something that works just as well, is just as green but also cuts out some of the leg work for me, especially when it comes to cleaning. Here enters Norwex, stage right!  If you haven’t heard of Norwex then it is my pleasure to be able to introduce you to what I believe is a pretty revolutionary product line for pretty much all moms.  Whether you are the thoroughly crunchified variety, such as myself, or the mom who is just looking for some simple ways to green up her cleaning routine without having to concoct solutions all be herself, Norwex could be the answer to your prayers!

Green cleaning doesn't have to be hard!  Come learn about the best products to simplify green cleaning for every mom!

I have been blessed enough to get to try out a few of Norwex’s products over the last few weeks and have been so very pleased with my results.  The Polish Cloth will put a shine on your mirror like you’ve never seen, the Cleaning Paste will clean that stainless steel sink up in a jiff and their laundry soap is not only powerful but even cloth diaper safe (which scores big points in my book!).  My favorite product thus far, however, has absolutely been the Enviro Cloth!  Ladies, this cloth has single-handedly caused me to keep my kitchen counters wiped down from dawn until dusk because it only requires water, does an awesome job, and doesn’t end up smelling all rancid in a day’s time! So, you’re wondering, “Whats so darn special about this cloth?!  Isn’t it just a microfiber cloth?  I have a whole drawer full of those!”

Come check out the Norwex party at Bold Turquoise to learn about how to make your cleaning routine greener the easy way!

And this is the exciting part that totally gets me and leaves me a little dumbfounded.  The Norwex Enviro Cloth isn’t like other cloths for a few reasons.  First of all, its fibers are 1/200th the size of a human hair as apposed to 1/10th the size in run of the mill cloths AND (this is the part that is REALLY amazing) it has silver particles in the weave of the fabric that allow it to actually self-sanitize!  Isn’t that CRAZY?!  So the size of the fibers allow it to pick up every speck of everything on a surface, including bacteria, and then the cloth essentially cleans itself over the next 24 hours allowing it to be good to go the very next day!  Say goodbye to stinky dish cloths! I literally plan on buying one of these cloths for every room in my house!

We are planning on hitting chore routines really hard this summer with our kids and I love that I can hand them the Enviro Cloth and tell them to go to town on cleaning the bathroom without having to worry about them handling any nasty cleaners or even just simply over-using the safe ones (anyone else ever entered a bathroom after one of their kids has “cleaned” it to basically discover that they may as well have just hosed the whole place down with the shower sprayer?!).

Just check out this video that a news channel did on how effective these products are!

I am so excited about this product line and the ease it is bringing to my life that I wanted to offer all of you awesome readers the opportunity to learn more about these products too and see whether they might help you as much as they have helped me.  Soon I will be posting videos from my awesome consultant, Audrey Johnson, but until that time I have an open order for any of you who already know that you want to order.  Just visit and chose Bold Turquoise as your party host and you can get in on the Norwex action right away!

Over this summer I hope to keep you up to date on all my latest Norwex cleaning adventures and will especially let you know if I try out any of their other products.  As of right now, though, I am totally sold on Norwex!

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