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Apr 27 2013

Emme-Loo is 9 Months Old!


How she’s 9 months old already is a mystery to me! Crawling (mostly like a bear) for nearly two months now, 4 teeth in (that she grinds together so badly it makes me want to jump out the window!), and FULL of personality- I LOVE having a daughter!

There are so many things I could say about her. How much I adore her giggle or am in awe at her ability to scale the stairs in 30 seconds flat! Or how she loves to squish and smash her face into my rather squiggy belly and blow raspberries (someday I trust that her own daughter will return the favor!). But I think these pictures do pretty good justice to explaining this adorable creature who is living in our midst!








Emme Loo Who- I’m so in love with you! Through your ear-piercing squeals, tears and giggles I love every it of you! I’m so grateful and honored to be your mama and am looking forward to so much more girliness to come! I love and adore you sweet thing!




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