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Feb 13 2014

February Week 2 Bold Mini-Challenge: Daily Kids Chores

February Week 2 of The Bold Year Challenge is all about handling kids chores and responsibilities. See how one family does it.

My kids have chores… our shall we call them, responsibilities. We live on a small farm, so they pretty much have to. I need Roman's help with things like taking care of our chickens because The Bold Husband and I just can't do it all. (However, he does get to sell the surplus eggs and keep the money left after buying their food, so that's fair, right?!)

The boys also have to help with things like stacking wood on our back deck when we run low since our house is heated almost solely by wood. I regularly call on Roman, especially, throughout the week to do things such as “flipping the laundry” where he gets things out of the dryer and moves the next load into the dryer, and so on.

So, as you can see, they have work to be done but not a lot of it is scheduled at regular intervals, and to be honest, Judah is probably getting off too easy! My goal this week in our Rhythms, Routines and Traditions theme is to decide on a system or a chart that will helps us to be more consistent and take care of the things that should be daily but sometimes get looked over. The tasks like making beds and cleaning up toys, doing dishes and emptying garbages.

Because, ya know what? As this family grows (by both numbers and physical size) I find that I am less and less able to keep up. When four other people are reeking havoc on my house it is impossible for just little old me to keep everything in order! EVERYONE has to contribute if we all want to disarm the chaos, especially since we are homeschoolers and so many of us are here all. the. time!

Let's Get Down to The Nitty Gritty!

(name that movie!)

Still curious what exactly this will look like for my family? Ok, I'll try to break it down for you,he just as an example, since sometimes it is helpful to me to see how someone else is actually putting an idea into practice in their life.

Roman– 7 (will be 8 in April)


  • Make Bed
  • Open Chicken Coop & Collect Eggs
  • Empty Dishwasher


  • Put his lunch dishes in dishwasher
  • Go on a Lego Hunt (they multiply and take over the house quickly!)
  • Flip Laundry
  • Put Away His Laundry


  • Shut Chicken Coop
  • Vacuum Kitchen & Dining room after dinner
  • Take Clothes to Laundry Room
  • Pick up Bedroom

Judah 4 1/2


  • Make Bed
  • Help Empty Dishwasher
  • Fill Dishwasher
  • Put Away Clothes


  • General Pick-up around the house
  • Make Sure his room is in good shape
  • Vacuum Living Room


  • Set Table for Dinner & Help Make Dinner (he does legitimately help me in the kitchen!)
  • Help with Dinner Dishes & Clear Table
  • Take his clothes to laundry room
  • Make sure his room is picked up


We believe that these responsibilities are just a normal part of being in a family and having a house that runs smoothly- everyone has to do their part. Since this is our mindset and one of the values we want deeply ingrained in our children is that of a good work ethic, we have chosen to not pay them allowance for these every day tasks.

Everyone has to contribute for a home to run smoothly- see how one family does it.

However, we do use other incentives, such as earning a badge for numerous days of good work or a reward of doing something special with mom and dad for very exceptionally keeping of their responsibilities (which includes having a good attitude while doing them).

If we ask them to do jobs that go above and beyond the call of everyday duty, we do offer to pay them in return for their hard work. For instance, every fall my husband offers to pay my boys $.05 per pinecone they pick up. It may not seems like much but we have lots of pinecones and they can add up quickly! Roman earned $5 in a few days time- a reasonable wage for hard work from a 7 year old.

Handing Them the Reins

I have also been experimenting with giving them each responsibilities that are fully in their court. By this I mean that I say, “Here is the general job. It's entirely yours to complete however you think is best. Show me your stuff.”

Typically, they run with these kinds of tasks. So, along these lines, I am also going to try to give them each a whole room that is theirs to manage for the whole week. There will be incentive for keeping their assigned room in nice, clean order, though I'm not yet sure in what form. I'll keep you posted.

If I know my boys, they will probably become adamant about keeping on top of their assigned space. They love to be in charge of things, so I am REALLY hoping they don't prove me wrong on this one!

What Do You Do?

I would love to hear about what your family uses to keep the chaos at bay and the kids involved! Please share in the comments below or hop over and get involved on the Facebook Page!

And if you haven't yet, hop on over to The Bold Year Challenge page to see how you can get inspired to be bold all year long!


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