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Sep 2 2011

Freezer Breakfasts- the ins and outs (with printable plan)

Alright, I know there have been many of you wanting to get your hands on this little printable and I am so sorry I wasn’t able to post it sooner! I was working on getting some permissions for reposting and now have everything good and clear so we’re ready to roll!

Basically, I came up with this plan when I was considering our school year, our routine, the boys need for good protein in the morning and my intense dislike of anything before about 10:00 am. While I am working very hard to get up at the wretched hour of 6:00 (and possibly earlier as I get more used to it) I knew that I wanted to be able to devote as much of that quiet alone time as possible to the Lord, blogging and possibly even exercise (Gasp! Can you believe I actually uttered that last word?! Christa, don’t laugh!).

So anyhoo, the whole idea of freezer dinners popped into my head and it dawned on me, “Hey! Why not do that for breakfast instead?!” So I created a plan and that is exactly what I did! The plan I am posting today is for 4 weeks of September (so starting on Monday). I hope to be posting the October plan soon also so that you guys can get an earlier jump on it. This first plan includes the following recipes:
Coconut pancakes (from Health, Home, Happy)
Banana Carrot Muffins
Dutch Babies
Quiche (or fritatta) w/ leftovers for Friday

You can download the full printable right here– please excuse the last two black pages, my computer was freaking out a bit.

The printable includes a full set of instructions along with shopping list and tips, but here are a few more little tidbits for you to consider-

-To keep bags standing upright, place them in a large bowl or box.

-If you are planning on making these breakfasts alone and not in a group (which can be very handy but plan on a full day of work!) then I recommend that you make one or two breakfasts over the span of a week or two leading up to when you will actually need them. It makes the whole process less daunting and more doable.

-Batters are most easily made in one large sum and split evenly between all the bags but it is best to use a large kitchen mixer such as the BOSCH Universal Plus Mixer. (I used this technique with both the muffins and the pancakes but I really probably could have done it with all 4 recipes)

-I found with the pancakes that a combination of all three sweeteners (honey, coconut milk and applesauce) was our favorite AND letting the batter sit overnight before cooking helped combat the dryer texture that these scrumptious pancakes can lean towards.

-Don’t misplace a bag and split all your ingredients between three bags instead of four and then have to scoop some out of every bag to make that fourth bag that you obviously will need if you don’t want to have to be dealing with breakfast on some random Thursday morning four weeks from now! Not that that happened or anything.

-If you have a smaller family, like myself, I found that cutting down some of the recipes was plenty sufficient for us. I only made a 2x batch of coconut pancake batter instead of a 4x batch and I only made 3 batches of muffins since they make 18 per recipe (this was one that I just split evenly between the bags and it worked brilliantly).

-And one last little tip- to pour batters out of their bags (especially handy when filling muffin tins) snip one corner off the freezer bag and squeeze it out like a pastry bag. Seriously- you will want to kiss me!

And that’s it! Let me tell you, it feels sooooo good to have all those breakfasts neatly lined up on the top shelf of my freezer, knowing that I won’t have to resort to any last-minute stressed-out bowls of cereal and my boys will be getting a good dose of protein before each and every school day- even on the days we have to head off early to co-op!

Yes, yes, I do believe this is the smartest thing I have done in quite sometime, if I do say so myself! So go on, go make yourself feel as smart as I do! 😉

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Oh, and just a little plug, the coconut pancake recipe is from this site, which offers a ton of other awesome grain-free recipes and meal plans (Cara was kind enough to allow me to repost her recipe and get me signed up with this affiliate link)!

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4 thoughts on “Freezer Breakfasts- the ins and outs (with printable plan)

  1. Robin Ingram

    When I make muffins, i try to make them in large batches. Then once they have cooled, I individually wrap them in plastic wrap and put them into large zip top freezer bags. Then I can just pop them in the microwave frozen to warm up or leave them in the fridge over night to thaw. I have never thought about just freezing the batter…I like that idea too!

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