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Apr 1 2014

Get involved with The Bold Year Challenge in April!

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April in The Bold Year Challenge- The Ways of Old

Wow, does anyone else feel like this year is just flying by?!  We’re three full months in already and I know for some of us it can feel like a good time for another little reboot.  I, personally, have been just counting down the days until spring break so that I can fully focus on reorganizing and getting back on top of life again!  It’s times like these when I so appreciate the grace and flexibility of The Bold Year Challenge to meet me where I’m at and to help me get re-excited again about these roles of Mothering and Homemaking that I am trying to grow in, not to mention my daily time in The Word.

So, for those of you who have been a part of The Challenge already this year but have found your motivation waining or distractions pressing in, I want to encourage you to start fresh again this month!  And if you are just considering getting involved in The Challenge for the first time NOW is the perfect time to jump right in! This month and next in The Challenge places a large emphasis on getting re-inspired for life and welcoming in beauty, and it’s just never too late to start incorporating some of those!

Here’s What’s on the Docket for April

Come hangout with a fun panel of leaders for the April Bold Year Challenge Google+ Live Hangout!  We will be discussing fun and practical hobbies, staying naturally healthy, the Bold Book Club, our Visual Bible Study, the Fitness Challenge and MORE!

Our April Google+ LIVE Hangout is coming up THIS Friday, April 4 @ 12:00 PST/3:00 EST!  This is a great time to come get more involved and to hear more about this month’s topics from our panel of leaders!  Join us- we LOVE getting to interact with you LIVE!

A Free, Live, Online class with tips and ideas from moms on how to stay or get naturally healthy, including an introduction to using essential oils for health.  Questions and interaction is welcome!

Naturally Healthy LIVE Class on April 16 at 5:30PST/8:30EST- This FREE class will talk about ways to stay or get naturally healthy, including an introduction to using Essential Oils for health.  We welcome your questions and look forward to having you join us for this class!

The BOLD Year Check-in and Blog Hop on Friday April 18 will be a fun link-up for us all to share how we are doing with The Challenge so far and to show what we have been up to in our own homes and lives.  Simply write a blog post and then come link it up right here on the blog.  All of the leaders will be participating and this will be a fun way to get to know some of your fellow participants a little bit better!  Not to worry if you don’t have a blog though, we will also have a thread open in the FB group or you are welcome to link to a note on your own personal Facebook Page.

This Month’s Topics

Visual Bible Study: We’re in Galatians, James and Matthew this month!  See the Bible Study posts on The Bold Year Challenge page for instructions and inspiration.  There is also a downloadable schedule in the FB group.

Monthly Theme: The Ways of Old- For this month’s theme we will be adding a little bit of beauty and inspiration into our lives by taking on a creative hobby, old or new!  We challenge you to pick out a creative project to tackle this month that will feed your soul and help provide you with fresh motivation for living a life that goes beyond the mundane day-in and day-out responsibilities.  You can pick any kind of creative hobby to relish in but something that our grandmothers or great-grandmothers would have enjoyed that also provided something practical for their families (things like knitting, spinning, crocheting, quilting, sewing, etc…) would be a perfect choice for this month’s theme. (Keep in mind that next month we will be making things for our homes that don’t have to be practical and can be beautiful just for the sake of being beautiful!)

Natural Living Theme: Naturally Healthy- Try incorporating some new way of bolstering your family’s health this month.  Whether it be through altering your diet, adding in new supplements or trying out Essential Oils, do something this month to be naturally healthy! (We have some fun giveaways coming up this month for this theme!)

The Bold Book Club: We are reading highlights from Home Comforts this month as we work more on The Ways of Old and bridging the gap between generations that left most of us ill-equipped to be knowledgeable homemakers.  This book is a fantastic resource to have around the house and is sure to make for some fun discussions in the The Bold Year FB group (which anyone who is an email subscriber to the blog is welcome to join!).

Bold Fitness: Find out more details about what Renee has for us in the way of fitness this month by hoping on over to The Bold Year Facebook Group.

That’s it!

We look forward to you joining us for all the fun in The Bold Year Challenge this month!  We are praying for you ladies and are so blessed by your involvement in this wonderful, growing group!

Your Loving Leaders,

MacKenzie, Sarah, Kari, Lauren, Renee & Jodi

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