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Jun 20 2011

Grapevine Studies- stick figure your way through the Bible

I first heard about Grapevine Studies from this lady, and to be honest I kind of skimmed the post and dismissed it.

Then she posted again. This time she talked about how she colors in her Bible, ya know, Kay Arthur-Style, and I was intrigued. She talked about how her kids take notice of how she writes in her Bible and absorbs the Word, and how she wants to instill that same practice and love in them. Then she got around to talking about these Grapevine Studies again.

That post single-handedly changed my mind about giving these studies a try. All of the sudden a light went on and I realized that this could finally be the answer to all my searching for a Bible curriculum for next year. You see, I knew I was all set to go with teaching Rhythm (and Lion Cub) the basics of our faith, why we believe what we believe, the answers to the big questions (which I will go more into in another post), but what was missing was just plain old Bible study. I desperately want my boys to by intimate with what is actually in the Bible, the stories, the people, the love letter from God written just for them on those humble pages.


Well bless those wonderful souls over at Grapevine– that is exactly what they have done! You walk through the Bible, reading its actual words (not a children’s version or a summary) and drawing simple pictures for each aspect of the stories to drive the point home and get involved with the Word of God. It is the perfect precursor to writing in your Bible, indeed! Both my boys love to sit and follow the instructions I give them for drawing the pictures¬†(or pretend to for Lion Cub anyway) and it has been even more delightful to see Rhythm add his own personal touches and really make the lessons his own!

He loved drawing all the hair!

In short, their are some very basic reasons why I love this curriculum:

  • It is straight out of the Bible, plain and simple- nothing added, nothing taken away.
  • The lessons are short and easily digestable (perfect for busy little boy minds!)
  • Each Lesson includes a memory verse
  • My boys have a record of what they have learned and can easily review by scanning through the pictures they have drawn.
  • Because they are active in the learning, using sight (looking at the example drawings), sound (my reading them the scripture) and kinesthetics (drawing the pictures for themselves) they have amazing recall of previous lessons and are retaining the knowledge far more than I anticipated.
Three Hole Punched!

From a teaching perspective I love that the printed versions of the studies come three whole punched and ready to go, and that they offer great guidance in teaching the material. There is really no prep work, other than the obvious and recommended prayer, and all materials are also offered in e-book format (ya know, for that iPad I hope to get one day!). Oh, and they are affordable and coming out with new curricula all the time! Oh AND (sorry- I just keep thinking of more great things!) you can easily teach more than one grade level, not to mention what you will be learning yourself.

He may not be drawing the actual pictures but he is hearing the scripture and enjoying it none the less!

So can I encourage you to check them out? To consider teaching your little ones about God’s Word in this way? Even if you don’t homeschool, these are amazing and wonderful lessons to incorporate into your life. Who knows what blessings could come from spending just this 15-20 minutes in the Word with your kids every day! And a little birdie told me that they just might even be having a sale right now! And if you do check them out I would LOVE to hear what you think!

PS- When I read the above mentioned post from Granola Mom 4 God I contacted Dianna at Grapevine to inquire about reviewing their studies as well and can honestly say that I have fallen in love with them! I don’t know how long we will end up using them for, and I won’t make any promises, but as of right now I see no foreseeable end to our using them in sight!


Here is a picture Rhythm drew of sharks after he learned how to draw fish in one of his lessons!



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