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Aug 22 2011

Here we go…

In just five minutes I will walk down stairs and wake up my boys for our first day of school- our first “official” homeschool year. Rhythm begins kindergarten today. First of all, it doesn’t seem possible. Second, it doesn’t look the way I have spent so much time planning for. Although it is close, our schoolroom is not yet complete. Although I had taken great care in planning our routine, a wrench was thrown in the system because I have to run errands first thing for our business. I got to bed too late last night and I’m tired (although I did get up at a very respectable 6:37am!).

But as I sat before the Lord this morning, studying his word and contemplating all this apparent chaos, it struck me very clearly that He was trying to make a point. All my hours and days and weeks and even months of planning mean nothing if I am not surrendering them to Him. And although I have prayed every step of the way, He wants to be sure that each day is surrendered to Him and HIS plans, not my own. He also wants me to clearly understand that I cannot do this on my own. I have to walk this journey in His strength, not reliant on my own (over-the-top) planning. That is, after all, the only way I am truly going to be able to teach my children what it means to follow the Lord in every aspect of their lives, which is essentially the main reason we have chosen to homeschool.

So, Jesus, this day, and every day after it, is yours. I cannot do this without You. I need an extra dose of Your strength today, along with a generous helping of patience, gentleness, kindness and joy. Let today be fun. Let us not stress but enjoy this precious learning process at an age that still allows for so much excitement and anticipation. Give my boys a love for learning and a hunger to know You and see You in everything we study. Thank You for this beautiful morning and let me not forget to acknowledge You and trust You through the rest of this day. I love You Jesus and thank You so much for Your grace.

In Your precious and holy name,


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6 thoughts on “Here we go…

      1. gidgetnfroggi

        I’ve merged all into gidgetnfroggi. makes it easier to leave a comment on different blog sites 🙂 so now I’m just one. blogger and wordpress is gidgetnfroggi. blogger is just children’s books but I might move that over to wordpress also. wordpress is faith based books and post.

        how is the first week going????

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      I know, right? You feel like there can’t possibly be one more thing to plan or prepare, but something always happens with something! Haha- I keep reminding myself that God has a sense of humor!


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