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Apr 2 2017

The #HeartinHandChallenge for 2nd Quarter- 1 John!

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!!  So many of you have been asking and here it comes by the skin of its teeth- the 2nd Quarter #HeartinHandChallenge!

This quarter we will be in 1 John and I am so excited!  This book is so beautiful- filled with love, conviction and deep encouragement to truly be living out our faith.  I think it will be a lovely book to ruminate in as we head towards summer and be reminded of some of the foundations of our faith from the “Disciple whom Jesus Loved.”

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You can download the foldable book mark right here, completely FREE- you don’t even have to become a subscriber to the blog!  (Of course, I’d love it if you did become a subscriber, but I don’t want to ever attach any strings to the sharing of the Word, so these studies exist for download on their own, free of charge.)

If You’re New…

If you haven’t done the #HeartinHandChallenge before, it is very simple!  Just write the Word, a little bit each day.  Take the time to let the scripture sink in deeply and pray over how God is speaking to you during your time with Him.


Another great place to visit is this podcast episode and show notes where I go in depth into what the challenge is all about and show different ideas for how you can participate.

We also use the #heartinhandchallenge hashtag across social media (especially Instagram) to share our progress. Feel free to join us there!

If you’re not new…

If you participated with us during the 1st quarter of this year then you will notice that we are repeating the last week of the 1st quarter in this next session of the challenge.  We decided to do this so that newcomers to the challenge wouldn’t be starting already being whole chapter behind in 1 John. If this is a repeat for you then I would encourage you to take this time as deeper reflection into the book of 1 John.  Maybe make it your goal to read through the whole book a few times this coming week to get a good overall grasp of the message and prepare your heart for spending time in 1 John over the months to come.

Just keep going…

This challenge is simple.  It is meant to encourage you in your walk, let the Word resonate with your soul and give you the freedom to not take on a major study in your life if it simply isn’s a great time for that.  It is SO important that we are constantly in the Word, and the #HeartinHandChallenge is a great way to commit to making that happen.

My prayer is that this time will be a blessing and reap dividends for you in your walk with God for years to come!

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