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Oct 11 2013

Homebirth Must-haves Beyond the Birth Kit! (Day 11- Bellies, Birth and Babies)

Homebirth must-haves beyond the birth kit

If you are planning a homebirth then you are bound to be getting a list of supplies that you will need to have around for the blessed day. Sometimes, those lists are very minimal and don't include the extra “goodies,” shall we say, that I think make birth a much more pleasant experience. So, today I am giving you my list of homebirth must-haves!

Homebirth Must Haves

  • Straws– they are way easier to drink from in whatever crazy position you are in without having to move much at all.
  • Your favorite Juice– why not drink something you enjoy while staying hydrated and helping keep up your energy.
  • Your Favorite High-Protein Snack– Inevitably in labor I ask for peanut butter toast right about the time I'm going into transition. I typically only get about one bite in before baby is born, but it's nice to have and I'm able to finish it shortly after birth, which I always need.
  • Adult Diapers– They are just plain easier for that first day or so!
  • Castor Oil– For pouring on your pads postpartum so that they don't stick.
  • A Small Fishnet– I don't know about you, but I always give my birth attendants strict instructions to quickly and discretely dispose of any “solid matter” (if you catch my drift) that could become present during my waterbirths. Enough said!
  • Frankincense Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil– It's just nice to be able to anoint baby with healing and calming oils right after they are born- Frankincense is perfect for just that! (I have a post coming up with even more oils you will probably want to have on hand for birth!)
  • Cramp Bark Tincture– It is foul tasting but can help lessen your after pains. Chase it with juice to help get rid of the taste.
  • A Meal You LOVE– that is already mostly prepared and you can have soon after birth. You will need the nourishment and with the hubbub of a new baby people aren't always able to quickly go out and grab you a bite to eat. It's also nice to have something ready for your husband and birth attendants. You can read more about this in my post on styling and planning your homebirth!
  • Comfortable Pajamas– There is nothing quite like giving birth and then taking a quick shower and slipping into some comfy, loose-fitting PJs! All the better if they are nursing jammies!

So, these are some of my must haves- now I want to hear yours! What did you find essential for your homebirth or what do you want to have on hand for next time?

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2 thoughts on “Homebirth Must-haves Beyond the Birth Kit! (Day 11- Bellies, Birth and Babies)

  1. Tyler

    Not having a home birth, but thankfully my birth center has a kitchen, and I can bring whatever foods I think I may want during labor. I was STARVING by the time my first son was born, after not having eaten for almost 20 hours. I’m planning on taking some sort of juice, red raspberry tea, and homemade protein bars.
    I love the castor oil tip!
    I’m planning on taking several of my essential oils with me when I go into labor, particularly the Frankincense for the baby.
    What would be a good brand of cramp bark tincture?


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