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Jul 31 2014

Homeschool in the Woods Knights Lap Pak Review (with video!)

I was provided with the productive to conduct this review and compensated for my time.  All opinions are honest and sincere- I really love Home School in the Woods!

Home School in the Woods has released a new set of Lap Paks for grades K-2nd!  This is a full review of the curriculum along with video!

Do you all remember earlier this summer when I told you that we were working on the brand new Knights Lap Pak for K-2nd graders from Home School in the Woods, just for fun?  Well, we’re done!!  I am so excited to share with you today what we thought, offer some tips and even share a little video from our experience!

What is a K-2nd Lap Pak?

For years now Home School in the Woods has been at the top of the lapbooking/unit study game with their amazing studies for homeschoolers, but they were mostly geared for the 3rd grade and up crowd.  This summer however, they must have been feeling my silent prayers for something to cater to the younger set because they finally came out with a brand new line called Lap Paks!

These new Lap Paks from Home School in the Woods for K-2nd grade are fun, informative and age appropriate! Knights and Benjamin Franklin currently available!

Lap Paks are essentially lapbooks surrounding a certain theme (so far they have Knights and Benjamin Franklin).  Along with the lapbook activities, which are mostly coloring, cutting and pasting with some occasional short handwriting thrown in, a small booklet is included to walk you through the time and the material.  In the case of the Knight study, the booklet (which can either be printed and placed into a binder or you can print the smaller version to include in your Lap Pak) is written from the perspective of one of the Knights, giving it more of a living book feel than just a straight text about the time.

Best of all, Lap Paks have brought about the introduction of audio versions from Home School in the Woods!!  The entire accompanying information booklet has been recorded with high quality audio in MP3 format so that if you want to you can actually sit down your kids with just the audio and the booklet to follow along or one of the Lap Pak projects to work on and you can go work on something else… not that I’ve ever done that. 😉  The Lap Paks also include a nice list of extra resources, like books, that you can include to help flesh out the study more.

What We Thought about the Knights Lap Pak

First of all, let me give you a little peek into our summer learning with this short video of how we used this study and what we thought.  I have also included a few tips for making this study work even more smoothly.

Roman has been wanting to learn more about Knights for years now but it just never fit into to our schedule to do a full study on Knights.  This study came at the perfect time and was the perfect size to give him a good taste of knight life without going too in depth to the point where he got bored either.

This Lap Pak required very little prep from me (pretty much just printing out the lap book components) and was very flexible in how and when we wanted to work on it.  Some days we would do 3 or 4 different sections and some days we would just do 1.  It is a great study to use for those times of the year when you still want to be doing some kind of learning but you want it to just be low key and fun.  Depending on how you structured the study it could easily be fit into a wide range of time frames, at the shortest end being about a week and a half up to maybe even 6 weeks or so if you really got into the books and such.


While neither of my boys are very big on coloring, they did both have certain Lap Pak components that they gravitated towards, especially those that had an interactive component (such as the knight that you can move to make joust or the king who is able to dub the knight).  Roman also really enjoyed seeing all the different layers of clothing and armor that a knight wore along with all the different types of weapons they used.  He may or may not now be attempting to make said weapons and armor out of tin foil!


One of our favorite parts of the study was diving into the extra recommended reading!  The book selection was very sweet and very age appropriate.  We have read these books over and over again and I fear that I will probably have to be investing in our own copy of Good Night, Good Knight since it has now become a favorite before bed read!  Lots of the books are highly imaginative and have lots of goofy dragons, so they aren’t all entirely informative as far as learning about knights goes, but in the end I really didn’t mind because these goofier books gave them more of a desire to dive into the more factual material as well.

Oh, and this review would not be complete if I didn’t take pause to mention the beauty of the graphics!  As always with Home School in the Woods they are hand drawn and include remarkable detail!  No matter how your kids color or cut these lapbooking projects out they will still come out of this study with a very nice looking final product that they can return to again and again.  I just love that about Homeschool in the Woods!

It can be hard for us mamas to not want to make our kids projects more... refined!  But resist the urge and let projects really be theres!  You will thank yourself in the end!

I would also be remise not to mention how highly I thought of the audio recording.  It was a very enjoyable listen and ranked up there in skill with some of the best audio books I have listened to.  Home School in the Woods really hit it out of the ball park for their first foray into audios and it’s something that I really hope they continue with!

Check Out Homeschool in the Woods!

Home School in the Woods is the creator of amazing unit studies and timeline figures!  They are not to be missed!

As I mentioned above, Home School in the Woods currently has out 2 Lap Paks but there are plans to expand this line in the future (yay!!).  However, they will not be coming out until after they release their next big Project Passport study this winter (which is on Ancient Egypt!!!  EEEEEEE!!! I’m excited already!  Especially since I will finally have a kid in the older age range!!).  These Lap Pak studies are very reasonably priced and I am sure that you will immensely enjoy them with your family.

If you haven’t ever checked out all they have to offer over at Home School in the Woods you are missing out!  They released a brand new website this summer and it’s just brimming over with all of their timeline and unit study goodness!  They are really not to be missed when you are researching your upcoming homeschooling plans!

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