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Jan 13 2014

Homeschool in the Woods Timeline Figures- a Resource for the life of Your Homeschool!

I received this product for honest review from Homeschool in the Woods who also compensated me for my time.  However, I truly have a deep and long-standing love for this company that is not swayed by compensation or free product.  What you are reading below is my honest enthusiasm.)
Homeschool in the Woods History through the Ages Timeline figures are purchase you will only have to make once for your homeschool career and they will be a product you use again and again!

Awwwhhh… Homeschool in the Woods– the epitome of what I want our homeschool to be! I have loved their resources since my oldest was just 4 years old, knowing that as soon as he was ready we would be jumping on that band wagon! Lucky for me, however, they do have some resources that you can truly use at any stage of the homeschooling game and today I have the privilege of telling you about one of them.

Homeschool in the Woods’ History Through the Ages Collection of Historical Timeline Figures are the best in the business! Really, none other can compare. I mean, just look-

  • Beautifully hand drawn figures! I mean, seriously, does Amy’s talent not completely amaze you? These figures are so exquisite they even make me think twice about not having a timeline up on my wall! And if you’ve been around my blog for any length of time you know what a major statement that is!
  • It will last you the duration of your homeschool years! I love me a resource that I don’t have to buy new every year and this is one of them. Covering more than 1,260 people and events from creation through the present, you just can’t go wrong with this purchase!
  • It’s easy to use. I must admit, when I first popped the CDs into my computer they did seem a bit daunting, but a closer look revealed that Homeschool in the Woods has taken every measure possible to not only make a beautiful product but one that allows you to easily find what you need and even suggestions for how to put it all together. They have left no detail to chance.

Take a Peak at my Video Review!

Want to see a little snippet of these CDs in action? Watch my video review to see a few of the ways we used them and more! (Oh, and excuse my misuse of the term “DVD” early in the video!  These are CD-Roms!  Duh! …also, any apparent knowledge of timeline figures on the part of the toddler is entirely coincidental!)

What All You Get

If you can think of someone from history that you’d like to study, chances are that you can find them in this amazing collection! It contains more than 1,260 figures from Creation through Modern America in all the following formats-

  • notebook & wall timeline size,
  • with and without text
  • GIF format for larger, more custom projects
  • Plus indexes and an easily searchable format

How We Have Been Using This Set-

The curriculum that we have been using this year already had a small timeline portion, but having the a Homeschool in the Woods History Through the Ages CDs allowed us to go back and fill in so many gaps of people and events that our curriculum had simply left out.  Plus, we were able to replace our provided timeline figures from their forward with the much more high quality images from Homeschool in the Woods.

Homeschool in the Woods Timeline Figures can be used for kids of any age

My boys enjoyed looking through the new timeline figures I brought them and exclaiming, “Hey! I remember learning about him!” What a great way to review our year so far and get a big thumbs up that things are sticking in those little brains!

I also found the timeline figures with the text underneath to be incredibly helpful! While I did enjoy history in school I feel that the education I received was largely subpar and only so much stuck. It was great for me to be able to quickly get a snippet on who each person or event was so that I could help explain things to my boys better. Teacher-helping resources for the win! (Thanks Homeschool in the Woods!)

Blow up Homeschool in the Woods Timeline Figures as Wall Art

Heck, we even expanded some of the GIF images to create awesome art for our homeschool space!

Looking Forward

Homeschool in the Woods timeline figures are perfect to use throughout your year or as review at certain points throughout your curriclum.

This resource is just so versatile with the large variety of formats that all of the images are provided in that my brain is on fire with the possibilities! We are on the verge of diving headlong into a more hands-on type of learning in our homeschool and I can’t wait to use these GIF images to help us create beautiful lap books and notebooking pages and possible even larger scale presentations. I have big ideas for adorning my son’s science fair boards this year with the images of great inventors.

In a couple of years when we also move on to making a more “final draft” version of a timeline for each of them to keep, I would also love to purchase Homeschool in the Woods “Record of Time” Timeline Notebook and their Suggested Placement Guide to create a keepsake of their schooling years and something they can always look back on.

To Wrap it All Up…

Really, this set speaks for itself. In my humble opinion, you should absolutely add it to your must-have list for your homeschool career. The History through the Ages complete, 2-disc set goes for $74.95 or can be bundled with their “Record of Time” Timeline Notebook and Suggested Placement Guide for $113.95. Be sure to head over to Homeschool in the Woods to see all the different purchasing options they have available.

Also, be sure to follow all of Homeschool in the Woods social media activity to keep up on their newest products and fun facts:

But just to get you started today I am giving away one of their Pre-Printed Creation to Christ Timeline Figure sets, all printed, packaged and ready to go! Just fill out the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

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