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Dec 15 2014

Homeschool Overview- October & November

Hmmm… I’ve been meaning to post this for far too long!  It has been sitting half-written in my account forever.  But here I finally am, popping in to give you all a little glimpse of what we did in October and November!


The History of the Horse- Beautiful Feet Books

We continue to love Beautiful Feet and the books we have been reading through this curriculum!  In October we finished up Black Beauty- a book that both Roman and I adored!  We both enjoyed how many opportunities we had to discuss Godly Character (a prevalent theme throughout the book).  While we didn’t always do every single assigned writing activity, we always had deep discussions about whatever it was he was supposed to be doing for copywork.  Many of the horse terms he has already been learning about in life and our Equine Science units, so I don’t feel too badly about just glossing over some of these points without requiring the handwritten work from him.

Equine Science- Winter Promise

The sections we were working on theses months had more to do with the actual care of horses which was interesting but also a lot of review since we have horses and my boys went to a fairly in-depth horse camp last summer.  It was all good material but we continually feel the need to tailor it down to more of a 3rd grade level and make the reading a little less dry.  It is a very good and thorough program, I just have to meet my guys at their level with it.

As we progress through the program we turn more and more to the My Horse Notebook written by Winter Promise for a large amount of our information and activities.  It seems to be better geared towards their ages.  It has great graphics and pictures and has been a driving point in our science for this year.

All About Reading 

Both of my boys are working on All About Reading this year.  Roman is currently in Level 2 and pretty much staying right on track with completing 2 lessons per week.  We have noticed marked improvement in his reading abilities this year and it has been very encouraging to both him and us!  He is about a week behind where I wanted him to be at this point, but that was more from my own distraction than his inability!


Judah is in All About Reading Level 1 and we have hit the pause button for a bit until he achieves more mastery over some of his letter sounds that we have gone over so far.  He was doing really well and then everything he learned seemed to go out the window!  So we are utilizing the review flash cards for words and sounds as well as apps such as Starfall to get him back on track with remembering those sounds and then we will pick back up where we left off.

All About Spelling

We started Roman in Level 1 this year and he has FLOWN through it!!  He is almost done with what I thought would take him the whole year to accomplish which is great!  Even though it could feel like a waste because he has gone through it so quickly, it has given him a subject that he feels true mastery of and he has learned many great rules (as have I) that are really making him into a good speller. We will be investing in Level 2 just after Christmas and will just take it at his pace.

Teaching Textbooks

My love for Teaching Textbooks knows no bounds!  Roman is completing Level 3 this year and is about a weeks ahead of our schedule, which is WONDERFUL!  I literally emailed the company a few weeks ago begging for them to come out with levels K-2 so that all my children could use this program!  It is simple and they can do it themselves.  Our Math time has been cut in half, or more, this year and Roman is getting an A- unbiased of any way I may be influencing the outcome.  This is one program that I don’t think we will ever abandon!



We have abandoned most of our formal handwriting activities on favor of real-life ones.  Roman and Judah both worked on Thankfulness Journals throughout the month of November, which were incredibly motivating for them and Judah has been using the handwriting app from Handwriting Without Tears which has been helping a ton with many of the frustrations he was experiencing!



Both boys are deep into their basketball seasons which has been a lot of fun this year since they both have acquired so many more skills!  Roman has also been taking drum lessons this fall.  We are about to take a few month break on these until we are settled with the new baby, basketball is over and we are able to buy him a full drum kit, but he is very much looking forward to getting back into it in the Spring.


That’s pretty much it so far.  We are just plugging along and trying to enjoy each other and this lifestyle of learning.  Things are slowing down imensley right now as we prepare for the holidays and little Miss Elliana’s arrival, but we will be picking back up with our homeschool year around the end of January and I’ll be sure to post another update in February!

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