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Feb 28 2015

Homeschooling with a Newborn- A Look Back at our February

Yes, I know, crickets have been chirping around these parts as I have been grappling with where my time is divided and where it should be focused. Oh yeah, and I had a baby almost six weeks ago! Meet Elliana Grace Amanah!


Fussy, for sure, but now that she is starting to smile and coo it makes the days feel a little less tiresome.  Being the fourth I know more than ever that this season won’t last, so I hang on to that thought when the crying never seems to cease.

Family of 6

So, as you can imagine, there have been some crickets in our homeschool as well! Lots of them, in fact. But we are gradually easing back in to making school a daily reality again, and I wanted to share a little glimpse into what has been happening the last month.


First of all, I would be remiss to not mention all of the real life learning that my kids have been privy to in both this month and last! I like to think of it as an intense Home Ec unit study with a little Biology thrown in for good measure!  All three kids were present for the birth and have been extremely helpful in the weeks that have followed.  So, that’s something, right?!

Juju and Elli

Most school work is currently being brought from the kitchen table, where we normally work, to the rocking chair in the living room where my derrière is almost permanently glued! A few subject have had to be altered a bit because of this (we have had to do without using the magnet board for all of our All About Learning subjects, for instance) but we are scraping by and making it work.  Thank goodness for Teaching Textbooks which has allowed Roman to stay fairly on track
with his math work because he rarely needs me! Whenever he does need help he just brings me the workbook and I can help him without actually running up to the computer- thank you Jesus!


Another thing we have been able to do this month is fairly seamlessly meld together our Horse History and Equine Science (from Winter Promise) studies.  As we have tailored both of these studies to work best for us we have been getting into more of a groove with them.  This month we spent a lot of time looking at different breeds of horses (such as Morgans and Lipizaners) as well as looking more at the care and health of horses.  We are all looking forward to the weather continuing to warm up a bit so that we can spend more time outside with our good old boys, Festus and Tank. (for a more extensive review of the Equine Science curriculum you can see these posts here and here)


In other news both boys finished up basketball recently and we have gotten the chance to get out and spend sometime with some other close homeschool friends, which is always fun for both the kids and the moms!

Our homeschool is an ever evolving animal and I have already started considering what we will be doing next year, as I always do around this time of year.  We have so loved our use of immersive literature this year and I can’t wait to explore this method even deeper next year, likely using the WholeHearted Method of homeschooling, coined by The Clarksons, but more on that later.


For now, though, we are looking forward to getting more into the groove of our new normal over the next month and more fully accomplishing our actual studies.  As it gets warmer we will also be starting to participate in weekly nature studies with a dear group of friends, which we are very excited about!

Are you looking forward to spring in your homeschool? (oh seriously, who isn’t?) Do share what you’re up to in your parts of the country!

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