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Feb 25 2013

How to Stop a Tantrum With Essential Oils

As we paraded into the building to watch his brother's ending ceremony for this basketball season, his fit grew exponentially in intensity. Heads were turning and the weight of his outrage and disobedience weighed heavy on my shoulders. Just that morning his father and I had been reading about heartfelt discipline that goes beyond reaction in the moment, the “just get him to obey now!” urgency, but in that moment it felt painful to not demand more of him.

I kept a tight grasp on his little hand as he flailed and screamed and very nearly drug him to the entrance of the building.

“You're going to have to deal with this- I have to get in there,” the understandably frustrated Bold Husband breathed out as we lumbered towards the door.

“I've got our baby in my arms, it's cold out, I at least need to get inside the school- then I'll deal with him,” I pleaded.

The tantrum only escalated as he watched his dad and brother walk away from us. I pulled him to a table away from the entrance and desperately tried to decipher what to do. These tantrums are not new- I've been here before. These types of meltdowns have plagued more days and hours than I can count and yet still I have had no real solutions. It's like talking to a wall… well, a wall that yells at you- there is no reasoning with something that seemingly cannot even hear you.

My parents walked in the door. I hollered for their attention in the sound-filled space and at the last moment they heard me. I handed off Emmerson and the barrage of coats and warm-up pants I carried and returned to the bellowing little matter at hand.

As I sat back down he screamed angrily, hatefully even, in my face. Since calm reasoning hadn't been working I tightened my grip on his little arm and threatened him to stop!

Wrong answer! He grew louder.

So I took his face in my hands. Wrong again- louder still, and now I was angrier too!

What in the ever-loving world could I do to get through to this kid?! If experience served me, then this might only be the beginning- I could have an hour or more of this uncontrolled state on my hands… and miss the entire ceremony.

I wracked my brain.

“Jesus, PLEASE HELP!!” cycled through my head.


“Juju, do you want some Peace and Calming?!”

He stopped dead in his tracks. He turned to me, “Do you have your Century Oils?!” (His endearing term for Essential Oils)

“Yes! I do! Would you like Peace and Calming?”


I had brought my oils to show a curious friend, so my whole stash resided in my diaper bag. I quickly grabbed out the tiny bottle, mixed 2 drops with some olive oil I had in a small squirt bottle and slathered them on the back of his neck (and my own!). I held my hands over my face to show him how I breathed them in and then placed them over his- he breathed deeply as he looked up at me with his big, pain-filled eyes.

As he inhaled the sweet and earthy aroma his wall came down and I could finally talk to him- offer a solution to the problems he'd been plagued with. I told him I loved him and I wanted to help him.

I could almost see his heart swell. Even though he didn't say it, there was thankfulness in his big eyes. We came off the cliff together. He hugged me- told me he loved me. We found a water fountain (just one of the reasons the meltdown had begun), and at last made our way into the gymnasium.


It's one of the only times I can remember coming away from a meltdown such as that with us both feeling like we came out on top- typically, everybody loses. Not this time. He felt loved, validated and helped and I felt calm- peaceful even.

I'm not claiming that our Peace and Calming Essential Oil is a miracle in a bottle, but the fact of the matter is that even my three year old acknowledges its effectiveness and trusted it, and me, enough to think it could help him handle an intense moment of life a little easier. I truly believe that the distraction of the oils was enough to break his fit mid-cycle and the oil itself helped him (and me) maintain composure beyond that. I literally do not know what I would have done without my essential oils yesterday!

Have I piqued your curiosity?

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