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Oct 10 2011

I minor miracle…

So, Lion Cub has always been a rough sleeper. Bed time for the last few months has literally been the bane of my existence due to his crazy screaming and the hour or more I would have to sit down by his room and deal with his constant questions and getting out of the bed. He also consistently wakes up sometime between 3:45 and 4:30. It has gotten very old folks!

For the last few nights, though, The Carpenter has been helping put the boys to bed and has managed to get him to go to bed on his own (which was impressive in and of itself) and Lion Cub even slept all the way through the night last night! But there was no way he would do it for me. At. All.

But tonight was suddenly different. I suppose it started this morning when he woke up and I told him how proud I was of him for going to sleep by himself and staying in his bed all night long. He beamed and added, “And potty tain!” (which he has also amazingly accomplished in the last few weeks). Then, this evening when I put him to bed, I tucked him in, told him to get comfortable and said, “Ok, goodnight. I love you buddy!” To which he responded, “Goodnight mom! Love you too!”

I walked out thrilled and in a slight state of shock. This is SUCH a huge step! And really unexpected (along with the potty training!). He has just become such a big boy in the last few weeks! So many changes, it’s no wonder his attitude and demeanor have a been a little bit wonky as well.

As frustrated as o get with him, I am incredibly proud of him and all these steps he is taking oh so quickly!

I love you bud! Good night!

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