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Aug 27 2011


So I might as well tell you since you’re all probably going to figure it out sooner or later…

No, I’m not pregnant 🙁

But I do have a new baby…

I think I’ll call her Boldy- a nickname truly befitting her for all the opportunities she affords me.

So, what is she? Why, an iPad, of course!

Yes, it’s true- after months of waiting, the iPad that was so very nearly in my eager little hands back on my birthday in April (a whole another story that ill have to tell you all about sometime) has finally found it’s way back into our budget and my life! To say I’m giddy and overprotective would be an understatement! (and just a little FYI- I would have bought a turquoise case, but of course they didn’t have one!)

The Carpenter and I had debated over whether it would be a good idea to get me a used Mac desktop or spring for a brand spanking new iPad, but basically it came down to a few simple reasons why we decided it really was time to make this particular purchase:

  • My computer was “running” on 5 gigs. FIVE, people! That essentially means that it was pretending to run… no, let’s say crawl… like a snail… up a hill… covered in rubber cement. It was wasting time I do not have to waste!!
  • It’s educational capabilities are huge! We will have (and already have had) zillions of opportunities to utilize the hordes of learning apps that are constantly being released. Yes, my children adore their new little sister! 😉
  • Not only will I be able to use it for homeschool but I will also be able to utilize it in the co-op classes that I will be teaching this year and for many years to come.
  • Apps are a heck of a lot cheaper than software!
  • It’s lightweight and portable and the future of technology, and I am, shall we say, “plugged in.”
  • I may have a slight obsession with apple technologies and the iPad just happens to be the tangible incarnation of a repeated childhood fantasy I had about a planner that could do everything! No, I’m completely serious. I stayed up countless late nights (driving my parents crazy) as I daydreamed in my bed about that silly imaginary planner, designing it’s most detailed functions and style. The iPad literally fulfills that fantasy in ways I could not have dreamed! It rocks my socks off!

So, Monday evening, very appropriately on our first day of school, we headed to Best Buy to pick up my new little gem! We are still in the “getting to know you” stage. I’m finding her best apps and all the secrets of using her in the most efficient ways for all the purposes I have in mind and she is learning my commonly used words, websites and odd capitalizations (like the one in the middle of my name- MacKenzie). I am doing my very best to optimize her in such a way that she can be my sole computer and The Carpenter will no longer have to worry about or become annoyed with my using his computer! I have a lot to learn and a lot of apps to find in order to make this completely possible, but so far it is going very well and I know it is only going to get easier as new apps come out every day.

Soon I hope to be featuring some of my favorite apps that I have found thus far, but for a little teaser let me just say that my new blogging app is completely changing my blogging experience and I’m LOVING it! And yes, this picture is of that particular app and of this post as I was composing it!

More to come soon!

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6 thoughts on “iBlessings!

  1. gidgetnfroggi

    Huge congrats to you!!! I know you’ll get so much use out of it!! Hope you blog about all the cool features your using and all. I know there are some awesome ones out there!!! 🙂 would love to hear more about the blogging app.

    I got a netbook and love it. It’s small tiny and light weight I’ve taken it in the car with me while waiting for them to get out of school and done my college work. 🙂

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      Oh yes, I will definitely be blogging more about it very soon! I am so in love! There are a few things I do wish they would improve on (as with anything) but that will come in time!

      How is college going? I saw that you got 100% on a paper- that’s awesome! I’m sure you are doing great!

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      Oh, you’re sweet Gram! However, although yours is pretty, I don’t consider your cover to be actually “turquoise” so I’ll just stick with the pink. Thank you though! See you this afternoon!

  2. megganb1983

    Hi, I found your blog through pinterest and I have been really enjoying it. My husband actually teaches iPhone and iPad development, so we are always up on the latest and greatest apple things. Pages ($10) is a great wordprocessing app, and if you want other home management things, and both have free apps. I LOVE my iPad, and us it all the time. There are only a few things that I prefer the laptop for, but that list keeps getting shorter. Probably one of my top things is using it in the kitchen for recipes. I love being able to look something up and then have it right there. Congrats, and enjoy your new baby!

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      Thanks for stopping by!! Pages was one of the first apps I bought since that is what I use on my Mac. My big disappointment, however, is that I can’t add fonts!! That seriously inhibits the plans I had for using it! Bummer! I have mint and cozy on my iPhone, and they are nice, I’m still looking for that perfect calendar though!


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