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Dec 18 2013

If You Only Read One Book While Pregnant, Make it This One (w/Giveaway)

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There is a breakdown in our culture over birth, postpartum and babies. Point blank- media and bad medicine have made it scary and more dangerous than it ever needed to be.

The worst part of it all? Most moms don’t even realize it as they walk through the doors of the hospital. We have failed generations of women by feeding them lies. Telling them their babies were saved by extreme interventions when all the while we neglect to acknowledge how the interventions caused the problems in the first place.

But you can spew information at people all day long and they walk away unchanged. Statistics, policies, medical jargon- they don’t a scared mother change.

Stories, however… honest, intimate stories hold immense power to change minds and open doors. Stories mixed in with solid, no holds barred information have the ability to do immeasurably more than facts alone. Stories teach us without boring us and drive lessons straight to our hearts.

Natural Birth Stories book

Stories and information- that is exactly what Shannon Brown has curated in the recently released ebook Natural Birth Stories. The Charlotte Mason-lover in me gets a tingle up my spine to be absorbing information about birth in this wonderful living book. Twenty-five ladies share their birth experiences through the pages of this book with a heart to reach mamas long before the hospital threshold and Shannon shows her uncanny ability to weave solid, straightforward birth information throughout its pages as well, without being offensive.

I’ve even had the distinct pleasure of meeting Shannon just a couple of weeks ago.  I saw her mothering in action and heard about her latest birth story straight from her own lips.  She is sweet and lovely which makes her boldness in Natural Birth Stories all the more appealing and wonderful.  Can you say bold and gracious?  I think so!

This book- it will put your head and heart in the right place for birth. It will usher you into a community of mamas who consider birth to be a privilege and something to be positively conquered instead of cowered from in fear.  And even if you aren’t pregnant but just a birth junkie like myself, it was still fun to read the stories and hear the information reiterated from another mama’s perspective and be able to holler, “Right on, girl!  Preach it!”  …or something like that.

In fact, I want you to read it so much that I am giving you the chance to win a copy!  Just follow the Rafflecopter below to enter. And if you can’t wait to get your copy, hop on over here to purchase it.

Thank you Shannon for all of the truth you spoke in these pages with the most loving heart for fellow mamas possible! You did a beautiful job!

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3 thoughts on “If You Only Read One Book While Pregnant, Make it This One (w/Giveaway)

  1. Mikaila

    I got this book as part of the Ultimate Bundle and it was the first one I downloaded and DEVOURED! Very shortly after, we found out we’re expecting again and I feel armed and ready. 🙂 A WONDERFUL book full of valuable, honest information. I felt like I was visiting with friends.

  2. Shannen

    I’m so thankful that I learned in my second pregnancy that I have choices, and that my body is not disabled because I am pregnant… it is simply preoccupied with something great.


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