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Nov 29 2011

It’s that time again…

…Ya know, that time when I have a complete blogging identity crisis?!  It seems to happen every six months or so.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to blog!  I love to write!  But sometimes all the linking and “work” parts of it bogg me down and then I start asking myself questions like, “What’s it all for?” “Is anyone reading this?” and “Is there any point to what I’m writing?”  
It’s at times such as these that I get very introspective and start analyzing all the reasons why I haven’t been blogging consistently.  I really do find it to be an outlet and, if I am being entirely honest, I think that the times I am putting a lot of effort into my blog also tend to be the times that I am putting a lot of effort into life!  I mean, I need material to blog about after all, don’t I?!  😉 
So, I guess, lately feels like one of those times that I have sort of fallen not only off the blogging wagon but a bit off the wagon of life.  Things have been so crazy and stressful and worry has plagued my days (gasp!  She’s a Christian and she worries?!  Yes, I do- like an addict!  Now leave me to my sullen thoughts!  Kidding!  …mostly… I’m working on it… It’s a process… Pray for me…) that I have felt like everything has just been shutting down around me.  In times like these my world gets very small… and that’s never a good thing.  It’s never healthy to not be able to see much beyond your own four walls.
But when I come to my senses and see what has happened, when I recognize that it’s time I wake up in the morning, strap on my boots and start making life happen again instead of sitting on my couch and letting it play out around me in seemingly slow motion- that’s when I remember that things can be better.  That is when I remember that I can make a difference… and matter.  
And that is where my blog also returns to the forefront and plays a huge role in my living!  I want my blog to be a reflection of my life and also a pouring out of it.  I want this little place, BOLD Turquoise, to be a space where I share from my heart, act a little ridiculous from time to time, get real about life and faith and how I’m living it (or trying to anyway).  I want to welcome you all into my home to share with you my latest creative pursuits, the newest homemaking tricks I’ve learned and maybe a few tutorials and printables along the way as my offering back to you all, my loyal readers.  I want to share more of my homeschool with you- our triumphs and our seemingly infinite failures (mostly on my end- not the boys- they are smart as whips and soaking up learning at every turn!).  
I want…
I want to be present here!  And I want my presence here to be a reflection of my presence in my life!  
Serving others…
Learning to love better and be more in love with Jesus…
Having some fun…
Feeling like a part of a community again (cause whether we admit it or not, that is a huge part of blogging!).
So, there you have it- a little renewed vision and a spark returning to my eye.
Now please Jesus, help me to get up tomorrow morning with the same fervor for life I feel right now!

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5 thoughts on “It’s that time again…

  1. Lanna

    You know what? It’s totally okay to have different seasons of life and blogdom. Mine’s suffered as of late because of other busy-ness – sitting down for a bit and loading and resizing photos and getting the blog platform to upload things correctly takes some time. Time that I could be sleeping or snuggling with the hubby or shining my sink (trust me, that’s about the *only* flylady thing I ever do, and even then it doesn’t happen every day).
    You’ve got a lot on your plate coming up in the next year or so. It’s okay to re-evaluate things and figure out what’s at the top of your priority list. I have to say, once you’re totally outnumbered by the little ones, you end up doing a lot more juggling. You already have Ann Voskamp’s book, right? Or Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson? Maybe add something like those to your bedside table (or porcelain throne reading pile) and catch a few pages here and there when you can to help you keep your spark going.

    And btw, did you know of the used homeschool bookshop in your neck of the woods? I just discovered it not even a month ago, eep! Such a cute shop. 🙂

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      Yes! I love the Homeschool Bookshop! I know the owner and she is such a sweety! We are in the same co-op and she teaches one of Rhythm’s classes! So, I take it you are local to me? How did I not know this?! Or am I just forgetting?


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