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Oct 11 2014

I’ve gone Jamberry and a FB Party for all of YOU!

 If you haven't yet heard of Jamberry then hop on over to BoldTurquoise and see how amazing these non-toxic, latex & gluten free nail wraps are! No drying time and they last for up to 2 weeks! Get your FREE sample today!

Alright, it’s no secret that I have participated in my fair share of Direct Marketing businesses over the years.  In fact, I am still involved with Young Living because I truly believe in their therapeutic grade essential oils, but I also know that their market is very specific and has quickly become flooded.

EOs aside, I never really had any plans to get involved with any other Direct Marketing companies again.  My life is very full- I have a handful of kiddos, am homeschooling, blogging (sort of, I know!) and consulting and coaching about natural birth & parenting and homeschooling on the side.  In the grand scheme of things none of that really draws much of (or any of) a paycheck, but they are callings and passions and a long-standing part of my life.

So Why Jamberry?!

So why, if I wasn’t interested in any more Direct Sales, did I get involved with Jamberry?  Well, it started off out of just a genuine love of the product.  I got a sample at our county fair and took the 7-day challenge to put a Jamberry accent nail up against polish for 7 days and see how both wore.  Well, within 2 days my polish had chipped but the Jams kept going strong!  In fact, I took them off long before I needed to mostly because I had taken off the polish days earlier and I looked a little silly walking around with designs on just one finger of each hand!

Take the Jamberry 7-Day Challenge Today!  Request a FREE sample from BoldTurquoise to test your favorite polish up against a Jamberry accent wrap and let the Jams speak for themselves!

My love of the product really boils down to a few key things-

  • They are non-toxic, gluten & latex free- as a crunchy mama, this is incredibly important to me!  I love that I can feel safe wearing them pregnant and putting them on my little girls.
  • They have no drying time!  Let’s face it, no mama with littles really has the amount of time in their day for nail polish to fully dry before they are needed for something.  Even if I am in the middle of putting my Jams on I can take a break and go deal with someone without fear of anything smudging or getting ruined!  Can I get an Amen!?
  • Possibly most importantly– They keep me feeling human in the midst of often being a bedragled mama!  I love that even if I’m still wearing my pajamas at 4pm and haven’t run a brush through my hair yet for the day (just being real here!), I can look at my nails and still feel slightly feminine.  My Jamberrys are this one, very small thing that I can do just for me, and as silly as it may seem, they honestly make me feel better!

So, the initial reason I actually bought a consultant kit was so that I could get a great deal on the product for myself and my girls!

Jamberry Nail Wraps even come in Juniors sizes and patterns!  In fact, there are even matching Mommy and Me sets for the ultimate in cuteness!  Request your FREE sample from BoldTurquoise today!

But What Made You Pursue the Business?

However, after looking at more of the business-side of Jamberry, once I was all signed up, and seeing how different it was from other companies I had worked with, I couldn’t help but be a little bit excited about that too.  The commissions were much higher than an I had ever dealt with.  The training was incredibly thorough with a whole “Jamberry U” that included videos and worksheets to really prepare someone to take on the business.  And the testimonials?  Well, they were compelling, to say the least!

What it really came down to, though, was the night I was laying in bed watching one of the training videos and the Bold Husband happened to overhear.  He pretty much looked at me and told me I needed to make a real go of it- to actually treat it like a business and see where it could take us as a family.  He has never felt like that with any other DM company I have worked with!  He told me that he really liked having my nails done and that he believed more in this product and this company than any I have been interested in.  He even started throwing out ideas for how to promote my business and carry it further.

That really said something!

I know that the pressure of his work in construction can be overwhelming sometimes for him- it is so up and down.  To think that there was a possibility that those slow times could hit a little less hard if I truly made Jamberry into a business for us, I felt like I could help take some of that pressure and stress off of him.  That means a lot to me.

Jamberrys hold up so well you won't believe how long one manicure will last!  Up to 2 weeks for fingers and up to 6 weeks for toes!

So I went from thinking it would be a little hobby that would allow me to have my nails done regularly, to making decisive goals and setting my sites on achieving Team Manager over the next year.  I want to build my business and help other women build there’s, as I will talk about more in the future.  Basically, I believe in this product and this company and my husband and I both believe that God has us here for a reason.  So we are going with it, full steam ahead and seeing where He takes us with it!

You Know You Want Some Jamberrys!

Of course I want to offer all of you the chance to try out some Jamberrys for yourself to see just how awesome they really are!  Just pick one of the designs below and email your choice along with your shipping address to me at boldturquoise at gmail dot com and I will send out your FREE SAMPLE right away!

Contact MacKenzie of BoldTurquoise TODAY to receive your FREE Jamberry Sample ASAP!  You will love these non-toxic nail wraps that last up to 2 weeks and have no drying time!

I will also be hosting a Bold Turquoise Jamberry Kick-Off Facebook Party this coming Tuesday, October 14, 2014 from 6:00-7:00pm PST and would love to see you there!  I will have giveaways and videos to show you just how cool these wraps are!  Stop on by for your chance to win!  Be sure to jump over and RSVP right away so you don’t forget!

Host a Jamberry Facebook party with Bold Turquoise from the comfort of your own home and earn a bunch of free Jamberry product!  Getting free stuff doesn't get easier or more fun than that!

And hey, why not just host a Facebook party of your own and earn a bunch of free product?!  I will help you set the whole thing up and all you have to do is attend and have fun with your friends online from the comfort of your own home while I run the party!  Earning free stuff doesn’t get easier than that, now does it?!

And if you just feel like ordering a sheet or two (or hey, make it 3 and get one free!) you can always just hop on over to My Jamberry Site and order straight from there! !

Thank you!

You really don’t know what your support means to me as I embark on new adventures such as this!  I so appreciate all of my readers and how you come alongside me!  I wouldn’t offer a product to you if I didn’t genuinely love it and I can’t wait to personally introduce you all to the Jamberry experience!  I am here for whatever questions you may have and hope to send you a sample soon!

2 thoughts on “I’ve gone Jamberry and a FB Party for all of YOU!

  1. Carrie

    I saw them at the fair as well and booked a party with one of the consultants on the spot. I immediately fell in love eight the crunchy side and the fact that I could have my nails done with little effort. Josh hates the smell of nail polish and won’t let me do my nails around the kiddos but all the other non-toxic stuff I tried, chipped immediately. I hope you have great success with this! I know I’ll be purchasing some from you down the road. Also, check into Dani Johnson’s free book First Steps to Wealth. It opened my eyes to how well direct marketing can work. She focuses on relationships first and then the product. It was really inspiring.

  2. Olivia Walker

    I sell Jamberry too! Welcome to the club! I LOVE the fact that they are chemical free and look so stinking cute! My 9 year old applies hers herself and they last for weeks as opposed to 1 or 2 days when she uses polish. I came to your site to see if you have a 2015 meal planning calendar in the works yet. Going to check that now. Happy rest of 2014!!!


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