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Sep 2 2013

Jesus on Every Page- Review

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Over the past couple of years I've been doing more reading about how Jesus and His story are woven all throughout the Bible, even in the Old Testament. The way The Jesus Storybook Bible integrates Jesus all throughout scripture and points everything to Him, is one of my favorite things about it. So when I saw Jesus on Every Page by David Murray come available for review through BookSneeze, I snatched it up because I wanted to know more and learn it from a more “adult” perspective.

Jesus on Every Page

Jesus on Every Page did not disappoint! It goes deep while at the same time offering a very personal account of one man's journey to find relevance and applicable meaning throughout the entirety of the Old Testament. Part One takes you along his path to unlocking the keys that would help him make sense of it all while Part Two dissects Jesus' involvement with the Old Testament scriptures piece by piece, from creation to Old Testament characters to the poems and beyond. It is a lovely way of breathing new life into a section of the Bible that can quickly grow dry or impersonal for some. There is so much scripture splashed across this text that it is truly essential to work your way through it with your Bible spread before you. It is a book that you should really get involved with in order to get the most out of it, simply reading it will not suffice. Take notes, cross reference, read for yourself what Murray references so you can read he verses in full context and draw your own conclusions, because while I think this book is highly researched and well though out, he is just a man.

One thing that I found helpful to my reading was perusing the “About the Author” page near the beginning of my reading, rather than at the end. Doing so gave me an acute realization from the start, which I sort of just alluded to- this book is written by a mere man who may not hold all the exact same convictions as I do. I think that so much of the time we tend to put authors on a pedestal and figure that if its written in a book it must be absolute. This is a trap to be wary of falling into- we must temper all Biblical teaching through the actual lense of scripture- reason it for ourselves in combination with prayer. Hence the importance of opening your Bible alongside this interesting book.

With that disclaimer stated, however, I do think that there is much value to be found in this book. I do believe it is wise and profitable to view all of scripture from the viewpoint of Jesus fingerprints being on all of it and acknowledging his overall plan of grace and redemption. The Bible becomes more personal when you find out that God has been doing everything since the beginning of time in order to have a personal relationship with little old you (and by that I mean me and you, and everyone).

Jesus on Every Page is profound and theological- it is not a light read but it is one you are sure to grow from . It is worth your time and effort to read it and study. If nothing else, your apologetics will get a serious kick in the keister!

I received this book in exchange for an honest review as a part of the BookSneeze review program. I tell it like it is, folks


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