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Jan 29 2013

Lost in translation- without life there’d be nothing to blog about!


So this is me. Yup, the human binky! Emmerson just so happens to be on the cusp of getting those first little teeth and so, more times than I can count during the day, I end up like this.

**Sidenote- Look how brave I am, not even wearing makeup for you all! BOLD and real, I tell you! Can I get a what-what?! Ok, but seriously- I wouldn’t even walk out of the house like this but somehow I’ve come to a point where I will plaster this picture on the Internet for everyone to see?! I’m either growing tremendously or I may need to be committed… soon! (More likely the latter. :-/ )**

Back to the matter at hand. SO- I have all these really great posts (in my opinion) mostly written and just waiting in the docket to get published. Finally, inspiration to blog has struck me again and with lots of prayer I’m finding my words once more. AND, since I find myself chained to a baby with nothing else to do so frequently (see above photo) I even end up actually being able to punch those words into my iPhone by the use of my nimble thumbs. However, the links and pictures and buttons and so on, they’re not so easy to work into a post with my thumbs!

So, there my posts sit, just waiting for me to have the actual time to polish them off and hit publish. These great, fun posts about babies and life and jazzing up your homebirth and creating fun classes for a homeschool co-op- they sit, and stare at me, and say, “Make time for us!!”

But you see, I also have these three other little faces that stare at me and say the EXACT. SAME. THING! And, if I’m being honest, I have to say that without them I would have nothing to blog about! So, this life-living does tend to get in the way of the post-giving, but it’s better that than the other way around!

How do YOU get your blogging done?! PLEASE share!

Disclaimer- no children were harmed in the making of this blog post. They may have been screaming at one another in the distant downstairs of this farm house where we reside, but they were not harmed! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Lost in translation- without life there’d be nothing to blog about!

  1. Rebecca Bomgardner (@ironicadventure)

    I don’t have time for posting, clearly. Or, if I happen to post it’s because something was ignored so I could (like grading co-op papers. Or, yes I admit it, my children watched a TV show so I could write a post. How’s that for an excellent parenting strategy?! I read somewhere you should post every day to be a “successful” blogger. And I still find myself wondering how any mother with children under the age of 5 (or any age, really!) could live up to that “success” standard!
    Your realness inspires me on many levels. In fact, and I don’t know if you realize this, but you’ve got me thinking differently about so many things – so thank you!

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      Haha! Well, I knew about the birth thing but I didn’t realize there were others! I mean, other than my premonition when I met you that after you got into homeschooling you’d be a lifer! 🙂 And, there are many days, more than I care to admit, when I have employed your awesome TV parenting strategy! Although, it has been less lately!

  2. Sarah Ronk

    Very interested in some of those posts you have in the works! (Esp jazzing up your hb!) but totally understand where you are and know those three faces appreciate your focused attention!!

    Sorry I don’t have any blogging tips… My blog is pretty much lying dormant 🙂


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