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Apr 4 2015

March Homeschooling Around the Bold Household

Wait, what?  March is already over?  I guess because our lives have been more marked lately by major life events than homeschool days, it feels a little like I have been time-warped into the future!  Even though it does feel like a bit of a whirlwind, we did get some actual homeschooling done this last month.  So, yay for that!


Both boys have been making great strides in both their math and reading (All About Reading) so that has been very encouraging!  Judah, however, is just desperate to do math on the computer like his brother does, so we are looking into that.

We are nearing the end of our Equine Science studies (with Winter Promise– you can see full reviews here and here) and will likely be finishing them up this next month.  We spent most of our science time in March learning about horse behavior and are looking forward to using what we have learned with our horses very soon.  They are shedding like mad with the weather warming up and it is the perfect opportunity for the boys to get back into the groove of grooming them and making them look nice for the summer riding months.  We have also been reading some really fun horse novels, such as “Justin Morgan Had a Horse”, which we all very much enjoy.

The highlights of our month have definitely been the addition of Nature Study Fridays with a large group of our friends as well as the start of a monthly Homeschool Museum and Presentation Day.  For the nature studies we visit different parks throughout the area and see how they change from month to month.  During our first Nature Study Friday we were there for no more than 10 minutes before one kid had to pee, one was bleeding and then ended up falling into the creek!  Let’s just say he had a cold couple of hours!

The Homeschool Museum and Presentation Day is, essentially, my homeschool dream come true!  It is the perfect size- big enough to really feel like the kids are in front of a group but small enough that everyone can feel truly invested in.  I just adore it and am so excited to see what the future holds for it!  This month both of my boys presented projects from their Kiwi Crates and everyone loved them.

Speaking of which, I LOVE Kiwi Crate!  It is my homeschool mom savior!  My kids get to do projects, which let’s face it- I’m not really busting out at the moment, and it requires no work on my part!  I really want to get the Tinker Crates for the boys, so we’ll see if money allows that to happen this summer when their other subscription (which they received for Christmas) ends.


There were also lots of organic learning opportunities this March, which I LOVE!  The Bold Husband had to go out of town for work for a couple of days and it was the perfect opportunity for the kiddos to make a map of our state to see where we were and where dad was.  Geography?  Check!

At this point I have a really good working outline of what our next year is going to look like and I am just so darn excited about it!  Once I have it a little more set I will be sharing it with all of you, but let’s just say it is lovely and inspiring…to me!

Sneak Peek of some preparations for next year!!

Sneak Peek of some preparations for next year!!

Have you started planning for next year?  I’d love to hear what you’ll be up to!

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