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Jul 20 2015

Opening up 5 FREE Homeschool Mentorship Spots and 5 spots for Product Testers!



Ladies, I am so darn excited about one of the projects I am currently working on and I am even more excited because I finally get to share a little bit about it with all of you!

One of my passions is working with families to really help them design a homeschooling style and philosophy that works specifically for them.  I am a big believer that God can give us the ideas and guidance to have a very personal and even beautiful homeschooling experience if we trust and follow Him and I love being able to accompany moms and families on that journey.  Additionally, our family has had such a profound transformation to lovely, personal homeschooling over our home educational career that I would love to be able to share more about it and guide other families who are interested in the same sort of whole books education as well.

New Things in the Works

With that in mind I have decided to take the next year to develop a course and mentorship program that will do just that.  I want to link arms with other moms, dive deeply into what they want out of their homeschools and then help them hone their mission statement, philosophy, curriculum and routine to be one that works organically for their family.  It will be an intimate and challenging process of growth that I hope will be a true blessing to these families.

Beyond that core program I want to create an extension course that explores the ideas and process of lovely homeschooling.  The tenants of this philosophy are-

Jesus, Family, Character, Nature, Literature, Life Skills and Community- Homeschooling made Beautiful and Personal.

Make Learning personal

This philosophy takes things a bit further in many ways such as making mom’s homeschool planner more beautiful and even having the kiddos utilize traveler’s notebooks for almost all of their work for the year.  This course is highly centered on a lifestyle of learning, harkening back to the quote by Yeats-

“Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.”

Along with these courses I am working on a beautiful set of printables (if I do say so myself) that will be available with the course and separately to help moms bring this philosophy to life.

An Opportunity for YOU!


This is where it gets REALLY exciting!  I am opening up FIVE spots for FREE homeschool mentorships with me as I work on developing these programs.  Mentees will receive all the printables as I develop them as well as ongoing discussions throughout the entire next school year with me via email, Voxer and Google+ Hangouts or Facetime as we work to customize their homeschool year.

In addition to these mentorships I am also looking for five ladies who don’t need or want that kind of hand-holding but would be interested in using the printables and products I am creating to add beauty and loveliness to their homeschools and in exchange offer me feedback, testimonials and pictures of how they are using them throughout the year.


If any of what I have mentioned above interests you or you think it would interest someone you know then please email me at

I’m so excited to get this off the ground and work with you ladies to create a resource that will be profound and impactful for many homeschooling families into the future.  I greatly look forward to hearing from you!


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6 thoughts on “Opening up 5 FREE Homeschool Mentorship Spots and 5 spots for Product Testers!

  1. Sara

    I have recently discovered you on Periscope (thanks to Crystal Paine) and am listening to your scopes on Katch from the beginning. I am really struggling in my homeschool and would love to be a part of the mentor program! Please keep me in mind. Thank you, Sara

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      You are so sweet and hilarious that you are going back and watching on Katch! I will be emailing you back about the mentorship. Thanks for following!

  2. Linda

    This is so awesome. I know you posted this back in July, but are you still looking for product testers? I have homeschooled for 15 years and love looking for new and exciting products to jump start our homeschool

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Thank you so much for your response. I am not currently looking for tester but if I do at some point in the future I will let you know!

  3. Karen tartamella

    I would love to participate in your mentor program! I have children ages 2.5 -17 and home school 4 of my 5 kids. I am always open to new ideas and improving things as we are just in our second full year of homeschooling and always have room for improvement.
    God bless you,



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