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Oct 5 2011

Miche How I Love Thee! Part II

Yesterday I told you all about “why” I love Miche and decided to become a Rep, so today I wanted to show you my Rep Starter Kit that arrived in the mail this last weekend!

I had some very eager little helpers!

(don’t ask me why he was in his underwear!)

The Miche Rep start up kit costs $199 and my distributor was running a sign-up special of 50% off product, so I got $400 worth of product! Here is everything I got:

I will list the names of these shells and bags left to right in rows, starting with the top-
Laurie, Laney,
Sharon, Dawn, Demi Base Bag,
Classic Base Bag, Petite Base Bag, Nikki, and Violet

I also got a whole bunch of accessories-

Large closet storage hanger, a variety of handles, a purse candy, a purse charm, the purse organizer (which I love!), purse hanger (also very cool), my rep handbook, invitation postcards, and a variety of other rep fliers.

I, or should I say “we,” had so much fun unwrapping everything and seeing it all in person! Of course, I’ve been having even more fun using the bags! Although I love the Prima size for long days out of the house with the kids because it fits a ton (the perfect mom bag!), I have completely fallen for the Demi size! I love the look of it, it still fits a ton, my purse organizer keeps everything nicely in order and the shells are so beautiful! I desperately want Ceceila!!

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