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Aug 10 2011

Mission Organize 2011- The Whole Shabang!

As I’ve mentioned before, I have been trying to get as organized as humanly possible for this upcoming school year, in every aspect of our life, so that we can have as much success and as few distractions possible!  There are so many different things I have been doing that it would be overwhelming to write it all in one post.  So, I’ve decided to break it into a whole end of summer series called Mission Organize 2011.  Over the next week and a half I will be sharing the total break down of how I have been getting ready for our life come August 22- D Day- aka the first day of school!

You can expect the following posts (and any others I happen to think of along the way!):

  • Implementing the File System– aka. Mama’s Workbox System (with a printable!)
  • Over and Over Again– our basic routine and how to create one for your family
  • Routine Clean– a basic routine to keep your house manageable (with Printable)
  • Meal Planning a Year at a Time (I know it sounds crazy, but it’s AWE-some!)
  • Freezer Breakfasts– a huge time saver and great way to deliver quality breakfasts for your fam without all the early-morning fuss (with printable!)
  • The Value of Beauty– Why making your space beautiful matters and some tips for getting there

If there is any thing else you would specifically like me to write about then I do sincerely hope you will let me know.  I am really hoping for feedback on all these posts and I would love to know if anyone would be interested in Blog Hops associated with any of them!  Just say the word!

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