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Mar 10 2012

Moments to Remember- Connect 4


These days Lion Cub is finally old enough to really be able to start playing with Rhythm. However, Rhythm generally enjoys playing by himself and feels that Lion Cub’s…. contributions, shall we say, are more of a hindrance than anything. So, these sweet moments, when these feisty brothers can actually play an organized game together are complete bliss! I love being able to sit here on the couch watching them play well together… while also not having to worry that Lion Cub is off somewhere quietly getting into something! Sweet moments indeed!


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2 thoughts on “Moments to Remember- Connect 4

  1. Kate Dickey

    Giving a child a sibling truely is the best gift you can give (if you can, of course). This was some great wisdom from my midwife while I was preggers with #2. Now our #3 just turned 1. I just LOVE those moments where the siblings just ENJOY eachother fully! Your boys are so cute playing. I look forward to seeing pics of your #3 in due time!


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