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Mar 23 2011

More than just breakfast…

Sorry about the toy gun- such is life in a house full of men!

Four plates- three small, one large. Chipped and worn from years of use.

Covered in cheddar-filled eggs, homemade biscuits and ham fresh from a local farm.

It’s breakfast, nearly brunch, but it’s more than that. It’s a humble display of my love for these men that I live with.

It’s me doing my job. This one whose rewards are never monetary. This one whose payment comes in the form of giggles and hugs and “Mom, I Love You”s. And well, occasionally I accept Trident Gum. 😉

In truth these acts of serving them are actually a huge lifter of my own soul. As a mama battling with prolonged postpartum depression, the days when I feel like I have done my job well, devoted my full attention to my family and been completely present, are huge victories for me. Those full plates of delicious food that I poured love into, are tickets to a motivation train I can ride on the rest of the day.

The days when I serve them, really serve them, are the fullest, the most joyful, unquestionably rewarding. Oh to be in that place each and every day and not get swallowed by the empty days. The blank days. The days of chaos and nothingness and frustration.

Note to self- serve them first, reap the harvest.

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3 thoughts on “More than just breakfast…

  1. andi

    I love this post! I think it may be one of my very favorite of yours yet! I have found the same thing to be true- on the days that I give myself completely to my family, serving them unselfishly, they almost always turn out to be the best days! Thank you for sharing this!

    I love your new blog! It seems like more of your voice is coming out + it really is so lovely! And thank you so much for the sweet shout-outs about the baby shower + Dinner at Eight 🙂


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