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Jan 23 2012

My Pinterest Love this last Christmas

 It’s a month late… pathetic… I mean, look how on the ball I am giving you all inspiration for next year!  That’s right folks, break out your crafting supplies and get your Christmas decorations all made for 2012!  You’ll thank me in December!

Yeah- that’s it!  What I meant all along!

Anyhoo!  I got seriously inspired by Pinterest this last year (not hard to do for a Pinterest addict such as myself) and decided to totally revamp our Christmas decor- specifically our tree.  It was long over due.  I actually like the basics of the decor that we already had, but it was sparse and needed to embellished upon.  So that’s exactly what I did!  Here is the link to my Christmas Board, which is filled with not only decor but also gift inspiration, advent ideas, printables, crafts and overall Christmas-y goodness!

It all started with my newfound love of burlap.  I guess the prospects of moving to an 1895 farmhouse will do that to you.  So my first project became this burlap tree garland that I found via Pinterest from Do it Yourself Divas.  

Much as I did on my rag wreath, I totally underestimated the amount of burlap I would need!  Three yards wrapped around half of my tree.  I then did go back to the store and purchase 4 more yards, however, the garland never got finished since I got kind of burned out AND the smell of the burlap to my very pregnant first-trimester nose was simply more than I could take!  By this year’s Christmas I do fully intend to have it finished though!  See, like I said, this post is early! 😉

Next I had the goal of making some new ornaments.  I fell in love with one featured on Flea Market Style (also found via Pinterest) and made a similar rendition-

Once again, though, smell was my enemy and the glue stench prevented me from completing more than two.  This year will be the year, however!

It was pretty much the same story with this little twine beauty.  I made two.  They stunk- literally.  And sadly, I actually don’t know if I saw this on pinterest or if this idea sparked itself in my brain.  So, if this was originally your idea- many apologies!  As far as I know though, I just kinda, did it!

My final big tree project was this tree skirt- which I totally adore- and found via Pinterest (duh) from My Crazy Life.  And luckily (I suppose) I had a cold when I made it so I couldn’t smell the hot glue as I pinched and scrunched each ruffle.  I was only slightly high by the end.  Joking.  It was a little time consuming but really easy to make and I LOVE how it turned out!

 This is also how I wrapped our gifts, which was lots of fun!  The yarn was actually inspired by The Gap’s window display and I crafted the lettering out of my own whimsy!

 Now, I told my mom that I was doing all this crazy crafting this year (which may not seem like a lot but the hours did add up- plus, don’t forget the wreath!) so that I wouldn’t have to next year with a new baby and so forth.  But let’s be honest, Pinterest will never let me get away with that!  I mean, I already have a plethora of ideas for burlap stockings I want to make, and we will need 5 :-), not to mention the mantel display I will want to create (since I’ll finally have one!), and a garland for my banister… and maybe a few little something’s for my kitchen and dining room… and possibly a wreath for my back door!  

The possibilities are endless!  (wringing hands with an evil little grin!)

Sorry mom!  😀

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