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Jul 9 2014

Nesting in No Man’s Land- 14 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #4

Yes, today marks my having accomplished 14 weeks of this pregnancy. Hard to believe. Although I am now officially deemed to be in my 2nd trimester there are more moments akin to being in a pregnancy wasteland then a glowing state of expectancy.

There are weeks in early-mid pregnancy that feel more like a pregnant no mans land.  Here is one mama's confession

After reading blog posts from previous pregnancies I am reminded that this strange state of having an unidentifiably squigy middle but nothing else to show for pregnancy, not even the squirms and wiggles that only I can detect, does indeed leave a mama in a peculiar place. You sort of look pregnant but not entirely and you just kind of feel blah, but not really like there is anything to connect with yet. You know that person is in there but they just aren’t asserting themselves yet and well, sometimes, you actually even forget that they are there.

The feeling disappears with the arrival of kicks and hiccups in the coming weeks but until then, that baby feels like nothing more than two pink lines on a peed on stick.


However, there is something that pregnancy sparks in me even at this early date that even my husband likely cannot deny- I nest. It’s uncanny how blissfully satisfying conquering inconceivable mountains of laundry in one afternoon can actually be.

Organization and order gain greater importance than they ever do in my life when I am not under the influence of powerful hormones and you may very well find me deciding to rearrange the laundry room at 8 o’clock at night when I should otherwise be tucking the children I already have round my feet promptly into their beds! Ha! Those kids can wait! It’s summer, after all, right?! That laundry room is calling my name!

Strange cleaning cravings aside, other than an extremely enhanced sense of smell and sensitive gag reflex (oh, and that ever increasing waistline) there are very few other side effects that I can yet identify about this pregnancy. I haven’t felt all that nauseated or emotional or even particularly car sick- all things I typically rely on to reassure me that there is a thriving person down there.

But none the less, we had our first appointment with my midwife last week and she assured me that that rhythmic thumping at 150 beats per minute wasn’t just a coincidence. There is someone in there and they are as unique as all my other children and their pregnancy is even more so. Personally, I don’t think my mind will be set at ease until we have our ultrasound in approximately 5 weeks, so until then my goal is just to work on managing the anxiety.

It’s just gotta be…

Which brings me to my next point- I’m just sure it’s a boy. Completely convinced. So much so that the only pregnancy-related purchase I’ve made thus far is a newborn sized boy set of pajamas. They sit strategically on the end of my counter to remind me daily that this child is undoubtably male.

Proof that I think its a boy

Ok, so I don’t actually know if it’s a boy and I’m not even entirely sure whether I really think it is or am just self-protecting in case The Bold Husband really doesn’t let us find out the gender at the ultrasound (a decision he continues to rally behind despite my protests that this is our first winter baby and it will need… things, and my threats to purchase all those “things” in both genders’ colors if he does indeed hold out on me).

Either way I really am ok, although I would love a sister for Emmerson, especially since these will be our closest two kiddos in age so far.  But history reminds me that it’s safer to just thinks it’s a boy and be great with that then daydream that it’s possibly a girl and then face, well… the opposite emotion.

No, that won’t do. This baby deserves fanfare and giddy joy no matter the gender and so I will continue to chant the mantra “It’s a beautiful baby boy” until I am proved otherwise!

Applause for you!

So there you have it- the useless ramblings of a 14 week pregnant woman. If you’ve made it this far you are a saint and deserve some sort of award, but since I’m light on cash and not friends with any trophy shop owners you’ll have to settle for this “Way to go! You rock!” and consider it my friendly slap on the back for not letting your eyes tire as you fished through these random musings.

And hey, why not let me return the favor? Have some pregnancy story you’d like me to peruse as you have mine? Do you start nesting as soon as your period is 3 hours late? Won’t you share? It would be my privilege to read and comment!

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3 thoughts on “Nesting in No Man’s Land- 14 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #4

  1. Tyler R

    Your little bump looks adorable, MacKenzie! Planning a home birth this time, as well?
    I start nesting as soon as the morning sickness passes. I think I “spring cleaned” the entire house 3 times with my last pregnancy. 🙂
    I dreamed both my babies were going to be boys (both were!) when I was 14-15ish weeks pregnant.

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Yup- planning another homebirth as long as things are healthy! Just hoping that there isn’t too much snow and my midwife will be able to get to me! Sound familiar, Tyler?!

      1. Tyler R

        Ha! Yes! No worries though…God has a way of taking care of us, despite the circumstances. I’m praying for you, girl.


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