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Dec 29 2012

No More ‘Mama the Hulk,’ and other tips for preparing yourself and your kids for a brand new year (with FREE printables)!

The Bold Husband had been gone working out of town for a night so I let the princes of the house camp out on my floor. Well, wouldn’t you know it, their blankets still lingered there on the night The Bold Husband returned, so I relented and granted them one more night of slumbering en masse. As I lay in my bed next to my sleeping baby and heard the gentle snores emanating from a poor three year old with a stuffed up nose below, I was overcome with such peace… and love.

But then, in the middle of relishing in the rhythmic quiet, the day that had preceded those hushed breaths, and the many days before that, began to replay through my mind. The moments that have overcome me and revealed my ugly side- my harsh side. Surrounded by Avengers paraphernalia from a bountiful Christmas, I couldn’t help but feel a bit like Dr. Benjamin Banner, wishing desperately for his anger to not overcome him, turning him into… the other guy… the green beast of a man… The Hulk.

Sometimes it almost seems easier, as though it takes less effort, to give a short response, to snap and think I won’t be needed- that that will be the end of the whining, or crying, or tantrum, or whatever else it may be. But we know that’s not the way it works. Sin begets sin, and a short comeback, a harshly snapped out word, only begets a child or husband’s equally negative response. It’s a spiral of decay and it drains a home of joy and peace. I see my responses reflected in my children’s and I want for us all to change.

It must start with me.

No- it must start with Jesus. It must start with me going to racing as if running across hot coals to the maker and embodiment of gentleness and goodness. Praying, searching the scriptures and letting them ruminate throughout my very being until they begin to reflect in my everyday existence. And then repeating those actions all the more so as not to loose ground on my mission to be a reflection of Jesus to these precious gifts He has granted me.

Do you ever feel like that? Maybe it isn’t harshness you struggle with, maybe it’s patience or focus or any number of things. Ya know what ladies? It doesn’t really matter what it is- Jesus has the road map for defeating those character qualities in ourselves that are less than godly and in just a few days He is giving us a whole brand spankin’ new year to signify a fresh start! I LOVE a fresh start, don’t you?!

To get us on the right foot, I have made some printables for us to use to bring things into focus and create a bit of a game plan for who we want ourselves and our children to work on becoming in 2013. I would like to encourage you over the next few days to spend some time in prayer and earnestly pawing through the pages (whether they be tangible or electronic) of your Bible and really seeking out what it is God would like to do in your hearts and the hearts of your children this next year. Go about this task sincerely and know that He has custom answers and ways created especially for your unique family. When we ask for wisdom, He says He’ll give it, so let’s not hold back from pursuing Him and His ways as we head into 2013.

Mothering & Personal Resolutions Worksheet

Habits for My Children 2013

Will you join me? I would very much like to hear what God is revealing to you and some of the actual steps you are planning on taking to see those things happen. You’ve heard some of my struggle, but I also plan to share with you how I am working to overcome.

Have a blessed New Years, ladies!

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