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Mar 31 2011

Nothing says Spring like Cranberry Lime Iced Tea!

I am so excited to share this easy and refreshing little recipe with you guys!  It is just so yummy!  AND sugar free (even though, honestly, I’m not usually one to be keeping track of sugar)!  AND simple!  So yeah, it’s got it all!

First you’re going to want to select your tea.  I went with a Raspberry White Tea version as it pairs well with the fruitiness of the tea and is also very light in flavor.  Just a little trivia for you- white tea is actually just normal tea but picked at an earlier stage when the leaves are still small and immature. If you would prefer something stronger then you could go with a standard iced tea.

Next, brew up some tea however you like best.  ‘Round these parts it’s still too stinkin’ cold to take the sun-tea route, so I just boiled up some water in the kettle and poured it into a pitcher with two tea bags.  I wrapped the strings from the bags around the handle of the pitcher so they wouldn’t slip in- just a little trick for ya there!  You can thank me later.

I brewed the tea for no more than 5 minutes so it wouldn’t get bitter.

Don’t squeeze your tea bags either- bad karma.

Ok, actually I have no idea about anything involving karma besides what was featured on “My Name is Earl” in the first season, so just take my word for it and don’t squeeze your tea bags.

Oh, and remember that white tea is, well, white.  As in, lighter in color.  If you wait for it to achieve full tea-color strength you might as well just suck down some apple cider vinegar and skip the tea-brewing stage all together!

Once it’s cooled a bit, pop that pitcher in the fridge and wait for that baby to chill.  You could make it a day in advance just to make sure you are already to go, if you are serving it to for an occasion.

Next comes the fun part- mixing!  If you just want one drink, for your spiffy little self, you are going to want to fill a fun glass with ice, cause well…. it’s iced tea.  Next pour in 3/4 tea and 1/2 Cranberry Juice.  I like Ocean Spray’s 100% Cranberry Juice- it has a nice sweetness and doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste as some cranberry juices do.

Slice yourself a nice little slice of lime.  Make a slit sideways through the middle so you can slip it on your glass- just for looks.  Once you get settled in- let’s say you are sitting down with a romantic novel…

on a chaise lounge…

on your incredibly well decorated, and warm, back patio…

overlooking the ocean…

Yeah- that sounds about right.

Oh, that’s right- the drink!  Squeeze your lime wedge into your refreshing little beverage, give it a swirl and sip the sweet and succulent nectar to your heart’s content.

Now if after you suck down that first glass in 30 seconds flat you decide that you’d be better off making a pitcher-full, OR you are having guests over (sometimes sharing’s fun!) then this might be an easier recipe to follow:

  • 4 1/2 cups Tea
  • 3 cups Cranberry Juice
  • 6 lime wedges

This is enough for 6 glasses

Go on- refresh yourself… and think of me! ;-D

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