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Jul 18 2013

Oily Sisters- they go above and beyond!

All my new lovely ladies, lined up in row!
All my new lovely ladies, lined up in row!


You may all remember that before I took a little break from blogging this last couple of months I had begun a new journey into the world of therapeutic grade essential oils with Young Living.  Over the months they really have become a staple in our lives.  They are not only our first line of defense but also the first thing we turn to when problems arise- both physically and emotionally.  My children are often heard needing an oil for something.  These bottles are commonplace and daily in our lives.

They are so daily, in fact, that of course I wouldn’t go on a vacation without them!  Do you see where I’m headed with this?  Yup, you guessed it- they were in my bag that was stolen on our trip to Seattle.


Well, once again, my sweet and true friend, Jodi @GranolaMom4God went above and beyond the call of upline duty and sent word out to all the ladies on our FB board about my plight.  (And by the way, if you haven’t checked out her essential oils blog- Naturally His

– you really should!  It is packed with goodness!)

I was humbled.

The next week the packages started rolling in!  I have been stunned and blessed by the outpouring of ladies I have never even met!!  I now have almost every oil I lost and many that I never even had!  I don’t deserve such gifts!  I feel so unworthy of their giving!


Oh that Jodi, she gets me every time!
Oh that Jodi, she gets me every time!


I found the gifts of “Forgiveness,” “Stress Away,” and “Release” especially amusing.  They are no doubt appropriate right now!

I should probably go bathe in them.

But seriously.  Oh how these oils can strike right to the heart of what I’m going through spiritually.  I love that (with the help of friends) these oils, created by Him, can draw me closer to their Maker and remind me of His ways.


This oil is vital to our home!!  SO thankful to have it back!
This oil is vital to our home!! SO thankful to have it once again!


It’s hard to express appropriate gratitude for the abundance these ladies have lavished on me.  Every time I see the bottles lined up in a neat little line on my counter a smile spreads across my lips and I am once again in awe of how we have been provided for.  I hold each and every one of these “oily sisters” (and I say that in the most endearing, ungross way possible!) dear to my heart.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

And thank you Jesus for these generous hearts who have blessed me and encouraged me to turn my heart to none but You for complete healing!


If you want to learn more about how you can become part of such an amazing sisterhood and learn how to better your family’s physical and emotional health in the process, please let me know and I would love to tell you more about what Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils can do for you.  Just leave a comment or email me at boldturquoise at gmail dot com.  You can also go directly to my Young Living Sign-up Page to get started straight away!

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