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Aug 7 2011

Our School Room- 2011-2012

So, I desperately wanted to have our schoolroom done by today so that I could post it in the Not Back To School blog hop over at Heart of The Matter!  However, The Carpenter, my go-to man for all things fabulous and built, had to leave town for work, leaving me stuck with out the major components of my room.  Never-the-less, I am going to walk you through all my plans, even though they haven’t quite come to fruition yet, and then you’ll just have to subscribe or something so you can see the finished product (which should be done sometime next week).  We have exactly two weeks from tomorrow until we start school, so at the absolute latest it will be done by then!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

(Sidenote- I posted these plans here, on BOLD Turquoise, rather than The World According to Them (my homeschool blog) because this post is more about design than the actual function of every little component of our room.  As soon as the room is done I will give a full tour on The World According to Them with details on all my organization.  You can also be expecting a post here on how I have been planning and preparing for this coming year aside from lessons.  Just to give you a little hint- I am making freezer breakfasts and have our menu plan almost completed through the end of December!  Did I just sense all of my fellow-planning-obsessed readers shutter with excitement?!  Yeah, I thought so!)

**Oh, and another little note for you- all pictures should be linked, so you can click on them to see where these inspiring images came from!**

So these are the master plans- yes they are drawn poorly, but to scale, so there! 😛  The upper left box is the layout as though looking down on the room.  The other three boxes depict how I will lay things out on three of the walls.  The fourth wall has a piano against it so there wasn’t much to draw, although I will be using the small amount of space on that wall behind the door to hang up our morning board and calendar.

The biggest element in the room will be the big custom desk that I designed and The Carpenter is building for me (squeals with glee)!  I have had this idea to make a desk out of doors for a long time and it is finally going to happen!  He ordered two 5-panel doors that we are going to paint turquoise (of course!) and then antique.  The legs will be made out of the big bulky ballister ends for a staircase and the whole thing will be covered in a sheet of plexiglass.  The end that comes out into the room will actually be supported by a bookshelf he is building rather than legs, in order to give us a little extra storage (wahoo!).

Think something sort of like this only desk-sized, turquoise and no doorknob.

As you can tell from the upper left drawing it is an L-Shaped desk that will jet out into the room.  I will sit on the inside of the desk and both boys will sit on the outside so that I can easily sit across from them to help them with their work but also have the freedom and ability to use my own desk if they are working independently.  I have been in love with this design for some time and am just so darn excited to get to implement it this year.  It will be a far cry above using the kitchen table, that’s for darn sure!

Now for a few of the little design specifics!  I found this lovely Jessica Jones fabric at Pink Chalk Fabric, and although I haven’t purchased any yet it is just the perfect fit for the room.  I am basing my design on all these colors plus a little orange and lime green.  I hope to be able to get some in the next few months and make curtains out of it.

These are the chairs from IKEA that I plan to also get in the next couple of months (we will have some stand-in folding chairs until then).  I love that these chairs will add just that little pop of red and that they also come in regular and junior sizes!  So, the boys and I will be able to have matching chairs but there’s will be fully in proportion to them!  How rockin’ cool is that!?I also plan to get this Trofast shelving/drawer system from IKEA with 6 drawers and two shelves, when the budget allows, to house Lion Cub’s tot trays and other learning materials.  I will place it just behind where the boys are going to be sitting so that he can easily get to it and I can still see him while I’m looking in the same direction as Rhythm (a key point with that mischievious little bugger!).

Directly above where the Trofast system will be I will be hanging our world map (from Little Passports) and above that I will be placing some sort of art hanging display for the projects we complete.  It will likely either be one like this (my favorite, and love the vinyl)…

…or this…

…or like this (I need to consult The Carpenter)…

(and here’s a little shout-out to Allison- I hope you enjoy the options! hehe!)

One decorative touch I am super excited about is how I am using old maps throughout the room, since our studies are based in geography for the next two years, after all!  I almost have all my triangles cut to sew up the bunting that will go all the way around the top of the walls…

…and I am also going to be making some of these…

…(which I found on Pinterest– if you haven’t found Pinterest yet then you need to!  Check out my boards for starters!) that will hang above the corner of my desk.  I am also going to be making some paper airplanes out of maps to incorporate around the room as well.

About three years ago I bought this awesome frame from IKEA and am just now, finally, finding a place to put it (the big one)!

I spray painted it turquoise and then painted the cardboard backing with orange acrylic.  I plan to use it as a white (err… orange) board on the wall next to my desk.  I have a few other frames that I spray painted turquoise that will be a part of that wall also, but will serve other purposes.  One of them I am going to attach chicken wire to the back of as a memo board, one will have artwork and the last will hang around my pretty little Love Bird from Lisa Leonard.

On that same wall I will also be hanging a large corkboard that I will be covering in fabric (that I am still deciding on) and that The Carpenter will be building a fancier frame onto. I plan to spray paint that frame red, as another little pop.  The contents on this corkboard will be changed out every two weeks when we begin a new country and include maps, pictures and other relevant info about the particular country we are studying.

On the wall in front of my desk I plan to hang a pegboard that I will paint mustard yellow and probably antique a bit.  This pegboard will be school-supply command central.  I am taking much of my inspiration from photos such as this (also from Pinterest)…

…and will, of course, be including components based on the colors of the room such as these clipboards and tin cans I painted…

So there is the basic gist of my schoolroom/office/studio!  I can’t wait to get it all the way done and show you guys!  Please do be sure to come back around and check out how it all comes together!  Thanks for stopping by!


17 thoughts on “Our School Room- 2011-2012

  1. Kim N.

    Can’t wait to see everything in its completion! The plans look amazing. 🙂 BTW, I just recently discovered Pinterest and I’m totally addicted! Love it!!

  2. Steph

    Love your ideas!! I am sure that your room will look awesome!! I especially love the desk made out of a door … the art wall … the frames … OK … all of it!! 🙂

  3. Allison

    Love!! And thanks for the shout out 😉 – that first option is my fave, but the blog is in Spanish! Do you know what she used? Is it wire? And how is it fastened to the wall?

      1. Allison

        You’re right, google translate is actually on her page! I finally found the original post, but she doesn’t say anything about the materials she used, unfortunately. I guess we’ll just have to experiment! 🙂

  4. andi

    Oh Kenz! I love love love your plans! And you are so cute with your little drawing 🙂 Can’t wait to see it all in person! I know it is getting down to crunch time for you with school starting, is it next week? But I would still love to make a date with you to talk about homeschooling + life whenever you feel like you can fit it in!

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      Oh good Andi! Because I would LOVE to get together! Maybe sometime late next week? It should (hopefully) be all put together by then! Oh, and we start school on the 22nd!


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