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Jan 6 2012

Out of a Far Country- Book Review

Some books are a little too soul stirring- jarring in fact.  I knew that would be the case with this book.  That is likely why it took me so long to pick up and start.  Once I did start, however, it consumed me.  Christopher Yuan and his mother Angela are so brutally honest in this memoir (of sorts) but not in a vulgar way, which it easily could have been.  
Were there things that were difficult to read?  Absolutely.  Did it make me shutter at times to relate his story back to someone’s that is very close to my life?  Of course.  But the over all message was beautiful- a mother who would put no bounds on the lengths God would need to go to to bring her son to Him.  Whether it meant his being expelled from dental school or even sent to prison, she gave the Lord free reign to do what He had to do to open her son’s eyes.  She battled for him in prayer.  She fasted.  She relied on the Lord for the first time in her life and her family was changed because of it.
And Christopher… well redemption stories such as his are rarely heard these days.  You cannot read about his life and not see how mighty, loving and steadfast our God is.  Christopher’s message is powerful and eye opening.  He is sure to give you a new perspective on addicts and homosexuals, and when I say that I mean it in the purest Biblical sense.  You will not feel threatened in a worldly way by this book but rather be given fresh eyes to see what sexual purity should look like for ALL of us.
I highly recommend Out of a Far Country, along with all other resources by the Yuan family.

I was provided this book for honest review from Waterbrook Press as a part of the Blogging for Books program.  All opinions are straight up!

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