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Aug 13 2011

Over and Over Again- our basic routine and how to create one for your family

Every year I try to sit down and map-out a routine for our family.  The routine that I sit down and type is what I hope our ideal day would look like.  While we don’t always stick to that exact model (ok, a lot of the time) it is a wonderful tool to have as a basis f0r how we want our days to run.  Just the sitting down and planning out of a routine on my computer that begins at my alarm and ends when my head hits the pillow is a wonderful way to keep myself in check with my priorities and get me in the right mindset for being an organized and devoted homemaker.  The end product of actually having a printed out map to our day is invaluable to maximizing my time and keeping those priorities in their right place- first.

So, here is the actual routine that we will be working off of this year.  Please remember, as I said above, that this is a map- a way of getting to a calm and less chaotic day- and is not set in stone.  This plan is the ideal day but I treat it as a framework.  All times are meant to be general references not specific, alarm-ringing starting and stopping points.  So, without further ado, give it a gander-

Also, just because I am planning obsessed, I have also created a routine specifically for our Thursdays- co-op/errand/extracurricular activity day (and yes, other then the errands it just so happens that everything happened to fall on Thursdays!).  So here you can have a peek at that-

So now, just in case I have gotten you all jazzed about making a similar plan for your family, I thought I would provide you with a few tips to get you started.

Things to consider:

-What routines are already naturally in place without even trying?  Things such as napping/sleeping times, meal times, cranky times and happy times.  Take all of these into account when considering what will work best for your family.

-Make a list of all the things you hope to see happen on a daily basis.  Now be realistic and rewrite the list with what you think you can actually make happen on a daily basis.  Figure out the most important ones and then fill in the lesser important things around those.

-Do you have different days with different needs like we do?  Try to create a main-frame routine with all your basics and then alter it as needed.  Create as many different typed-out routines as you think you will need for the possible variations that can arise in a week, that way you always have a map to work off of.


-Start slow!  Take a week where you are just going to go for the big things, getting you and the kids used to the over all basic flow.  Then the next week you can add in more of the smaller items that you would like to see happen everyday. This is especially important if you are making major alterations to sleeping habits.  Just take it little bits at a time!

-Be consistent but don’t get down on yourself if things get off for a day.

-Use your time frames as a loose guide and don’t let them box you into a prison.  It is more about the order and flow of the day then it is about exact times.  However, with that I will say that a good rule of thumb is that if activities with the kids are lengthening the time frames you have planned it is probably a reasonable time to stretch them, whereas if your tasks are getting in the way of your set timeframes (such as spending a longer amount of time on the computer than you had allotted- something I know nothing about! ;-/) then you probably need to keep yourself in check and move on to the next task at hand.

-Make your routine plans easily accessible, even have multiple copies.  Post one on the fridge, one next to your desk, one in the bathroom- whatever it takes to help remind you of what you should be doing when.

-Don’t be afraid to tweak or even start completely over again!  Your routine has to work for your family or there is really no point!  Your routine should be a source of structure that allows freedom to accomplish what you need to accomplish in a day, along with giving you space to breathe and relax.  In the end it should bring you joy and extra hours you didn’t even know you had.

-If it all begins to feel like too much, just do the next thing!

How do you plan your days?  Or do you at all?  What things have worked and what things haven’t?  I would love for you to share!  And if any of you are interested in a Blog Hop on this very topic, just give a little shout and I’ll set one up in a jiffy!

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4 thoughts on “Over and Over Again- our basic routine and how to create one for your family

  1. sarah ronk

    wow what a great set up!! I need to get mine back on paper… it used to be… but I need it in writing again now that Lydia is older and she and Aaron are more on the same schedule. Thanks for sharing this!!

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      It was so funny when I was figuring out the routine and editing last year’s version- Lion Cub didn’t even have his own column! It was all just placed in my column about putting him down for naps and such! My how things have changed! I think out of everyone in our family he needs the most structure so that he keeps out of trouble! I am so hoping we are successful!

  2. Liz Roadman

    What a great schedule! I just adapted this to fit our needs! I am a very unstructured person..I want to be structured, I just don’t know HOW!

    I really hope that this helps me out. My son (4.5) needs structure. He does well at preschool, but we can no longer afford it since my husband lost his job. He starts Kindy Fall of ’12 and I want him to do well. I would love to home school him, but honestly, I don’t think I could do it. As I said, I am not a structured person and I’m so forgetful.

    Again, thanks for this!

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      I just want to encourage you that homeschooling IS possible if you want to! There are sooooooo many resources out there these days and great curricula and support groups/co-ops that really help you walk through everything! Don’t count it out just yet!


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