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Nov 19 2011

Pinterest Projects of Late

Some of you may not realize that you read the blog of an addict- a Pinterest addict! I think I received my invite sometime around last January, and since that time I have Pinned nearly 4,000 things and have 96 boards! If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you should really go check it out! It is sort of like a better version of Tumblr. You create boards and Pin things to them either from on the Internet or from the things that others are pinning on Pinterest that you can view. You are able to follow people, much as you can on Twitter, and it ends up being just a HUGE plethora of amazing ideas! I get recipes, home decor ideas, gift ideas, homeschool ideas, holiday ideas- you name it, it’s on Pinterest!

I have already almost completely figured out how I am going to decorate our new house, and we aren’t even moving for 5 more months! I figure I have that much time to complete all these projects so we’re all ready to go on moving day! You can see all my ideas for the house on my Cottage board and, of course, I’ll be documenting my progress as I go right here on Bold Turquoise!

For right now, however, I have been keeping myself (and The Carpenter) busy with some fun things for the season and the house we are in now. Over the next week or so I am going to feature some tutorials on the things I have completed so far and show you the original ideas I tweaked them from on Pinterest. Here is a little preview of some of the project tutorials I will be featuring:

Rolo Turtle filled Mason Jars as Teacher Gifts

Craft Paper Poofs

Fall Rag Swag

Fall Monogram Wreath

Dresser turned Distressed Entertainment Center (a better picture will be coming!)

And here’s one final project I have in the works… but don’t get the wrong impression, Pinterest didn’t help with this one…

I’ll have this one done sometime around Mid-July or early August! 😉

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16 thoughts on “Pinterest Projects of Late

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      I’m so glad you did too! And thank you! We are very excited and can only hope that it turns out much like your little line up (aka- girl next!). Haha! We’ll see!

      I was also wondering if your mom sews bean bags? If you get a chance, let me know!


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