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Dec 31 2013

The Bold Meal Planning Method Deluxe Kit

The Bold Meal Planning Method Deluxe Kit

This ebook gives you all the details in saving money & time and eating from scratch by planning up to a year at a time, pre-prepping ingredients, utilizing the freezer and buying in bulk. It is the book that helps turn you into a rockstar homemaker!

Including almost 50 completely computer-fillable printables and The Bold Meal Planning Method ebook, this kit is sure to super-charge your meal planning routine!  The Bold Meal Planning Method gets you ahead of the game while you’re already in it, because we are real moms and this is real life!

The book is easy to follow and to the point, giving you clear steps to take to help alleviate the headache of not knowing what to cook everyday.  It covers everything you need to know to plan breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for up to an entire year!

 Be Bold.  Save Time.  Save Money.  Eat from Scratch!

Here is everything you get with the kit-

  • The Bold Meal Planning Method ebook
  • 2014 Calendars in 2 variations
  • 3 Binder cover options
  • Binder spine & tabs
  • Master Ingredient List
  • Duplicate Meals List
  • Preparation List
  • Shopping List
  • Basic “Type-of-Meal” Schedule
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Grids
  • Blank Recipe Cards
  • Blank Recipe Sheets
  • Freezer Labels

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