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Mar 13 2014

Proof of a Bold Year

A bold and real glimpse at one mama's imperfections as she seeks to be more present in her life.

My goal this year was to be bold with my life and the life of my family. To step up to the plate and do the things I have been wanting to do in the realms of homemaking and mothering. To fully embrace those roles and be present within them. To learn new things and to finish my days well instead of feeling as though I just survived them.

That goal was the catalyst behind The Bold Year Challenge- a challenge I had originally designed for myself but by publishing it here on the blog have consequently been abundantly blessed by all of the ladies who have stepped up with me to take the challenge as well. Ladies with the same tugging on their hearts to be the best homemakers and mothers they can be, all the while centering their focus on the Lord. How amazing!

But as I have shared before, almost immediately after launching the challenge I felt as though I came under attack. My health wained, emotional stressors were heaped upon me, motivation and inspiration were lacking (to say the least) and time seemed non-existent. Playing catch-up seemed the name of the game and frustration settled into the fabric of my days.

It felt as though Satan himself was out to get me, to drag me down and make me fail. And rightly so. Why would he want a mother to thrive and wrap her children's days in a loving, well-made home that is focused on the Lord? The last thing the Devil wants is a coming generation strong in the Lord and ready for battle, so of course he would aim straight for their leader.

But beyond even any personal attacks, this challenge inherently isn't easy! The work of mothering and homemaking well is exhausting and intense and time-consuming. It is a constant process of learning and applying and messing up and trying again. It is a sanctifying experience- a worthy task, despite the struggle.

Here look- I'll even give you a glimpse of my reality so that you all can see just how real the daily grind is for me too!

Here sits the Blog….

And then blogging about it, well obviously that is even harder still because I haven't been doing much of it! Besides the lack of time I have experienced I have also been praying, contemplating how to even approach much of what I want to say in this space about The Bold Year Challenge. While I want to provide printables and guidance (and still intend to) I really don't want this to be about me telling all of you how to do something because I am in this WITH you! I don't have it figured out! I am in the trenches, working and learning alongside all of you.

My heart is to be real and to share what we are doing in hopes that that will help someone else find their way too. I don't want or expect anyone to do exactly what I am doing because we all have different things laying on our hearts, but if what I am doing can help someone else then that is what I want to show here. I tire of how-to posts and long lists of tutorials but I yearn to lead by example, since that is often how I learn best myself.

So as we move forward with this challenge I hope to blog more in that way- about real life- since that is where I feel the Lord leading. Bear with me as I transition my perspective on how to blog again in this way, and continually try to find the balance of time to do so!

Bold and real

The Absence is Proof

Through all the struggle and frustration over carting the balance and not being on the blog much I really must say, however, that I believe the silence, the absence is a little bit of proof that I am taking this challenge seriously. I could easily ignore the house and the kids for a while to hide away and be in this space but instead I have chosen to be present in real life. A real life that is messy and constant and incredibly imperfect. A life that I am deeply grateful for despite its shortcomings.

Don't get me wrong though. All this is not to say that I don't want to be here or that I don't plan to make more of a concerted effort to be more fully on the blog again, it's just evidence that I have taken my priorities seriously. That this challenge is exactly that, a challenge, and I'm living it in real life before I'm spreading it before you all here (as much as I would like to).

So, what about you? How is this bold challenge fleshing out in real life for you? Won't you share? Comment here, on the Facebook page or even in a blog post on your own blog! Don't leave me out in the cold being the only one stripped bare with a dirty kitchen and good intentions! 😉


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  1. Lanna

    How do you like that backsplash you’ve got? I was eying the stainless backsplash stuff at Home Depot the other day actually… 🙂 (well, the quilted one so it’s not as much elbow grease to get stuff off)


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