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Oct 6 2012

Realness Day 5- a week of real pictures!

Since it's Saturday, I thought I would keep it low key and just share some real pictures from our week. FYI- these pictures generally feature my dear Judah- he keeps things EXTREMELY real around these parts!


This is where much of my blogging happened this week- in bed next to my sleeping baby!


This one, I have no words for.


Isn't this what you feel like doing when you have a raging cold?!


He used his brute, 3 year old force to move his toy box across the room. He then explained to me that Alan helped him- his new friend that he met while working with him “at” France! (That's right, we homeschool! 😉 ) Apparently Alan also enjoys red drinks and ballerina dancing!


He explained to me, upon my questioning him, that he was checking the water pressure for his boat. He let me know the boat was waterproof, so it was ok. My floor? Not so much. And water pressure? Where does become up with this stuff?!


The “real” part is that this tooth was a little loose but he made it really loose by trying to use his teeth to separate a couple of his Legos! By last night is was pretty much hanging straight out of his face so I threatened coerced him to let me pull it the rest of the way out!

Missing picture- the not one but TWO black eyes that Judah gave himself this week! It's never dull here!

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2 thoughts on “Realness Day 5- a week of real pictures!

  1. ArtMom

    sounds like a great week, love the France part 🙂 the first picture is so sweet. She is getting so big. I had to delete instagram and reload it and lost you as a follower so I miss her pictures 🙁 love your get real post!

    Shannon (aka: gidgetnfroggi)


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