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Jan 3 2014

Recap & Links from Today’s Google+ Live Hangout!

Thank you to everyone who came and interacted on the Google+ Hangout today! There were some technical glitches and interruptions, but overall I hope it has lots of good info to help you guys get started on your challenge! If you missed the Hangout you can view it here or hop over to my YouTube Channel and see it there! Here are some of the links we mentioned today-

  • Our Book Club Leader- Sarah Ronk @ Simply Sarah
  • Our Weight Loss/Fitness Challenge Leader- Jodi McKenna @ Granola Mom 4 God
  • Leading the Bible Study with me- Kari Denker @ Stone Soup for 5
  • Leading the Mothering, Homemaking, Crafting and Natural Health portions with me- Lauren Mirecki @ Serving From Home
  • Countertop Yogurt
  • The Bold Meal Planning Method Deluxe Kit
  • You can find all the links for the Bible Study update and Pinterest Boards on this post here.
  • Jodi also posted some more info for the weight loss/fitness challenge in the Facebook Group, so look for more info and links there!
  • And lastly, if you are wanting to become a part of the challenge all you have to do is become a subscriber to Bold Turquoise! You can find out all the details right here and feel free to join at any point throughout the year!

Thanks ladies! I am so looking forward to doing this year with you!


2 thoughts on “Recap & Links from Today’s Google+ Live Hangout!

  1. Carrine Judy

    I always start my “new year” on the first Monday in January! I’m excited to get moving forward in 2014. I’m looking forward to drawing closer to the Lord, becoming a more intentional wife and mother and focusing on natural and healthy ways to nurture my family.

    I won’t be able to make it to any live sessions that you do so thanks for posting the recording.

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