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Apr 26 2011

Rhythm’s 5th Birthday Festivities!

Rhythm’s birthday ended up turning into a four day event!  Although his actual birthday was on Saturday we started the celebrating on Thursday.  He had a joint kid birthday party with this little big guy who also turned 5.

It was perfect timing having the party on a weekday during lunch because we had the whole place to ourselves.

The kids had a ball (haha- get it?  Ball?!  I kill myself!  Doesn’t my wit just slay you!?).  And I tried really hard to ignore the couple of other children, not with our party, who were coughing and picking their noses in said balls.  Wouldn’t it be just like mom to ruin the fun?!  I squeezed my eyes shut as I murmured “Have fun!”  Luckily, everyone is still healthy.

I think that every single kid from the party was on this ride at the same time!

Things calmed down then until Friday night when I decorated the house with streamers so he would wake up to a very festive house on his birthday morn!  He loved the decorations but was obviously more excited about the presents!  He only go to open up one though before we left for danish.  Yes, danish.  That was the actual request my five-year-old had for his birthday breakfast!  He cracks me up.  We spent the rest of the day out shopping and having orange chicken for dinner- his absolute hands-down favorite!

We decided to just do the family birthday celebrating on Easter this year since it would have been a bit much to get everyone together two days in a row.  First we went to Grandma’s with my side of the family.  He was excited to get the double-duty celebrating!  He not only got Easter presents but birthday ones as well!  Obviously, clip-on flash lights were a hit!

We then headed over to Grammy and Pappy’s (The Carpenter’s parents) to wrap things up!  Sadly, I don’t have many pictures of that because my camera went dead, but I am hoping to snag some pics from Grammy to share later in the week.  However, he was just as blessed and had a stinkin’ good time getting to go for a ride on Pappy’s 4-wheeler!  He even received a truck with a 5th-Wheel Camping trailer- something he has wanted for as long as he can remember!

He's such a shoe guy!


We are so proud of you and just can’t hardly believe that you are five!  You have made the past 5 years such a joy and we can’t wait to see what the next 5 have in store for you!  We love you big man!

Always- Mama

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