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Aug 16 2011

Routine Clean- a basic routine to keep your house manageable

I have read countless blog pots, visited dozens of websites and even read a few books on how to keep my home clean.  And while many of them have been inspiring, even motivational, much more of the time they seem to over-complicate things or give me too much to accomplish at once.  For instance, I like Fly Lady, but the whole idea of completing a Monday Morning Home Blessing Hour (where you essentially clean your entire home in one hour) is just not practical for this mama of small children and rarely got finished in an hour!  I also like 31 Days to clean and think that the general cleaning schedule is pretty good, but it works on a monthly rotation and I like to think more in terms of weekly rotations with my cleaning.

So, taking all of this into consideration I decided to create my own weekly cleaning routine to work off of and it looks like this:

Monday: Clean Bathrooms, Change out Towels, Change Sheets

Tuesday: Dust, Vacuum, Mop

Wednesday: Wipe Down Kitchen Appliances, Quick Wipe Down of Bathrooms

Thursday: Vacuum, Declutter, Run Errands

Friday: Clean out Car, Clean out Purse, Quick Wipe Down of Bathrooms

Saturday: Vacuum, Basic Meal Prep For Week

Sunday: Chilax!

In addition to the weekly routine I also try to keep my kitchen cleaned up throughout the day and make sure the sink and counters and empty and wiped down before I go to bed.  We are also working with the boys on having them put away toys they are finished playing with before they get out new ones to try and cut down the clutter during the day.  For deeper cleaning tasks I will likely be returning to the idea of Fly Lady‘s zones and hope to accomplish the deep-cleaning schedule from 31 Days to Clean at least once a year.

You will notice on my post the other day about our routines that I have figured time into my day to accomplish these tasks and I have also set time aside for the boys to be working on their own chores.  As members of this family and residents of this household we expect them to contribute and want to instill the value of hard work from an early age.  I hope to post soon about what our chore system looks like.

And finally, because I have to have these tasks in a visible spot so that I remember what I need to do, and because I am in the middle of jazzing up our schoolroom/office/studio, it was only fitting that I make a cute printable to display on one of my clipboards that will hang on the wall behind my desk.


…and here is a copy for you!

[scribd id=62188524 key=key-vmfkef1q6vpq4tfai2n mode=slideshow]

Enjoy!  And Happy Homemaking!

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