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Jul 5 2017

3rd Quarter #HeartinHandChallenge


The 3rd Quarter #HeartinHandChallenge is here!! This summer we will be in Ruth and throughout the fall we will be in the Book of James. I am really looking forward to ruminating in both of these books during the coming months and letting their words sink in deeply.  Both books are packed full of wisdom and wonderful words to live by in so many areas of our life, including relationships and the way we use our words.  I know that I could always use good reminders in all of those areas!

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If you haven’t heard of the #HeartinHandChallenge you can go to the show notes for this episode of The Podcast to find extensive links and ideas.  The basic gist, however, is to write a verse or two of scripture everyday, making your way through a whole book of the Bible over a couple of months, in order to let the words sink in deeply and imprint on our heart.




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