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Feb 23 2017

Thursdays Homemaking Honesty and Inspiration- Take 1

As you all know, I love me some homemaking, but I also fail at it, a LOT!  That is why I am so excited to be starting our little Thursday LIVE sessions on Facebook, (and Periscope, when I feel like doing two shows) where we can get really honest with the hard stuff about homemaking but also tie in some much needed inspiration.  Today my big share is a book I recently found that honestly feels as though the author is inside my head!

Ladies, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K White is not the pretty, thoughtful, inner-serenity or high-call-to-perfect-homekeeping philosophy such as we find in Kon Marie or other cleaning and organizing books and methods.  Although I LOVE those books, I can never actually attain what they are describing, which I now am realizing is largely due to the fact that I am such a darn creative, right-brained, ENFP!

Dana get’s me.  In fact, I wish that she “got me” a little less.  But truth be told, we are both former theatre girls with a pension to visually block out what’s accumulating all around us, or just plain not want to get it done.  It’s humbling to realize that this is the homemaking book that actually works for me, but alas it does and I am ever so glad!


Thanks to Dana…

Let me tell you especially why I am glad that I found this book when I did.  Our hot water heater had some wires fry yesterday and we were without hot water for most of the day and without water completely for about 5 hours. (The horror- seriously, the horror!) BUT because I had been keeping up on my dishes all day long and had tidied up around the whole house the night before, I wasn’t left in a puddle of freak-out because I knew that I was having company over today and was nowhere near having the house ready for guests…

…because the house actually WAS ready for guests!  That never happens.  In fact, as I have been getting on top of the house lately, my 10 year old actually asked me, “Are we having company or something?  Why is everything put away?”

Touche, Roman.  Touche.

So, basically, if you want to hear even more about how much I love this book and how my library may never get this copy back (ok, fine!  I’ll buy it!) then head on over and watch today’s show on FB Live or Periscope!

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